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tesla69's fascination with anti-gravity technology stems from his, like many nutjobs, overindulgence in literature and hearsay about Hitler and the Nazis. That's my educated guess, and I've seen him write as much in the past. UFO people are often Hitler-junkies.
It's their rumor that Hitler's air force had anti-gravity technology.

But let's stick to the the known facts for a moment before we revisit that territory.

Hitler's Air Force did, in fact, develop the first jet fighers (not the first jet planes, but the first jet fighters & other militaries were already in their own stages of jet fighter development, however) and that's perhaps where the whole fantasy of his engineers creating flying saucers comes in...and how the Germans originally got the technology---from aliens---is yet another twisted variant.

But, for the Germans, the jet fighters came too late in the war, and the one that looked most stealthy and flying saucer-like, the advanced Horton
Ho IX Gotha Go 229, never even flew one mission. The U.S. was already doing extensive bombing raids into Germany and crippling the Nazis by that time. In fact, all Hitler could hope to do to avoid his end was create a special flying unit called the ELBA who would run suicide missions, ala Japanese kamikazes in the war going on in the Pacific, to ram U.S. bombers.

Also, it's important to note that Szilard convinced Einstein to sign his name to the world-changing letter to U.S. President Roosevelt precisely because a scientific article was published that showed that the German scientists were working with Uranium-235, and Szilard figured, quite correctly, that this research could potentially be adapted to invent new nuclear-powered weapons. Well, although German scientists were in fact working on this project before anyone, it was "Einstein's Letter" that eventually (it took several attempts at coaxing FDR) set up The Manhattan Project and ended with our dropping the A-bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. The Germans were already defeated by that time, but it just goes to show how runaway wartime paranoia can make governments and scientists believe all sorts of things about the enemy's capabilities and how this plays into (& can be politically manipulated into) the establishment of defense budgets accordingly. It's sad to note (because of all the later evident financial corruption), but the whole military-industrial complex as we know it was born out of WWII and The Manhattan Project.

So the facts tell us no, the Nazis did not have anti-grav tech. This does seems to be something, however, that the looniest among us arrogantly take as an unquestionable fact; they believe that after we captured Germany, America and the Allies got the technology. I think it's hogwash and that the closest we have are modern attack helicopters and also the Harrier Jump Jet which was first engineered by the British in the sixties. It seems feasible, therefore, that perhaps UFOs are Top Secret dressed-out next-generation Harriers, or in some cases, projections from Top Secret next-gen Harriers.
And if you don't think that's possible then you probably are not familiar with the state-of-the-art technology the U.S. currently is sporting with the F-22 Raptor.

So Hitler probably didn't have anti-gravity. What he did have is a murderous fascist dictatorship largely modelled after Christianity with the Nazi Blood Flag ritual. Hitler consciously aped Christianity whilst banning it (he also banned Modern Art); he saw his state religion as simply a means to an end to motivate his minions as they toiled in the factories and on the battlefields, and this coupled with the holocaust and the exterminations of millions of Jews has, and perhaps understandably so, garned him a reputation as the Anti-Christ or some sort of prototype of the Anti-Christ. He was indeed evil and deranged, but this is yet another myth about Hitler that people still hold on to with all manner of invented and exagerrated notions.


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