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Originally Posted by Cantankerous
just curious.

i think mccarren park will be my 7th time in 5 years? something like that

i'm sure most of you guys who have years on me have seen way more youth shows

1) The Aud in Buffalo with Neil Young & Social Distortion
2) Buffalo State College with Boredoms
3) University of Rochester
4) Rochester Institute of Technology
5) Central Park Summer Stage with Wilco
6) Towne Ballroom, Buffalo
7) Webster Hall, NYC on Friday the 13th, 2004
8) Lee & Friends at the Tralf in Buffalo 2002(?)
9) McCarren Park Pool
10) McCarren Park Pool
11) Pretty sure they played a Lollapalooza at some point.
Looking forward to the MPP show at the end of the month! Is there an opening act yet? Anybody have tickets to the ATP Festival?
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