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A bit ago yt happened to reccomended this video with relatively few views. The description claims it to actually be the infamous recording near before Townes's death that Shelley had organized for him. With old satan and harm's swift way on it, as well as the odd behaviour on it i am inclined to believe that it is.

However, of all the van zandt information out there that all mention this session since it's relevant to his death, none mention it ever having been released. Searching a out it found absolutely no information about the session. Just... Gladly a download from an extremely sketchy website, and a broken download from another site;where his warned a dmca takedown in the comments. Jeanne does have a contact email on townes' website, but she never replied to me.

If anybody knows anything, or can help me probe more about this that'd be awesome. Otherwise, have this obscure gem.
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