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I saw Pan's Labyrinth over the weekend. I thought it really sucked. All the cool scenes are in the commercial; it's not really a fantasy movie, but a pretty limp-wristed portrayal of Fascist Spain during the week of D-Day; the dialogue is atrocious, and having it spelled out for you just drives the point home. It was one of those movies where I imagine the writer was sitting around and came up with a good idea for a movie, like we all do when we sit around, and didn't bother fleshing out the details, like we all do when we come up with an idea for a movie. Nevermind writing a STORY or maybe some decent scripting. The director even claims to have come up with the idea of this monster with eyes in his hands that he holds up to his face where his eye sockets should be, VERY reminiscent of numerous pictures of Thurston Moore from the 80s. Evol in particular has a picture of him like this, I believe. Oh well, everyone else seemed to really like the movie. I'd rather watch Labyrinth, or the Dark Crystal, or Willow, or even Legend... maybe BeastMaster.
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