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Too many! One morning I decided I would go to a park and do a bunch DXM, it was like 11am and I didn't have to work till like 5pm and I figured it would wear off and I would be pretty lucid. So I tripped balls on like 800mg and had this weird trip. I was sitting at the crossroads of two walking paths and I had to choose which one to go to, at the time it had all this symbolism, like it was a crossroads or my life and I had to choose life or death. So I choose the path out of the park and got on my bike and rode to work, quite a few hours early and I was severly FUCKED UP. On DXM you look pretty scary with huge pupils. I don't even really remember going to work I just was suddenly in the break room with my boss (who looked CRAZY) and he was asking what the fuck I was on and I just kept telling him that I could still work. He told me I had to go home and tried calling my parents. They werent home so I went home and deleted the messages. Actually one of the other managers took me home because he wouldn't let me bike home in my impaired state. I wouldn't tell him where I lived because I was firm on wanting to bike home so the guy called work and got my address and used his GPS to find my house. Actually I would give him false directions, we would pass by a house and I would tell him thats where I lived and then say "no actually I'm lying haha", despite my truancy I tried to carry on a pleasant conversation with him. So I sat at home for a bit and then when 5 o'clock rolled around I went BACK to work cause I wasn't fully aware that I had been sent home, I thought he just wanted me to go home and sleep it off, plus I worked at a restaurant and it was a busy night so I figured they would need my help (despite this, I was one of their best pizza makers and one of the only cooks). The manager was outside smoking and he was like "dude what are you doing here" and I told him I was there to work and I was sorry I was late and he told me I wasn't allowed to work and I asked why and he said in a snark tone "because you came to work HIGH ON COUGH MEDICINE". So I go over to a friends house and come back when I usually get home from work so my parents didn't know about any of this. I go back to work the next day and he is like "why the fuck do you think you still have a job here after the shit you pulled yesterday" and I told him that he never said I was fired so I felt I should still come to work. He got all pissy and said I cannot come back to work until he talks to my parents, I argued with him for awhile about that because I told him I was 18 and would like to work this out myself like an adult (I was 17 at the time but almost 18). He said he didn't care. So I went home and was about to talk to my dad about it but he had already talked to my boss and schedualed a meeting. So I went there that night to talk with the boss about it with my parents. I told him and my parents that I was sick and just accidently took to much. I really was sick so my parents ate that up. My boss told me that if I did it to get high then he HAD to fire me, even though he didn't want to. He told this sob story of how much he liked me and what a good worker I was and how he was worrying about me all night. I told him that story of how I was actually sick and I got to keep my job. The next day I came to work and he tells me he knows that was bullshit but that it was a pretty good story and a good excuse to keep me onboard and "your welcome". I thought it was ridiculous what a big deal he made out of it and now he suddenly doesnt care. But I quit about a month later.

and gmku, gone to work stoned a few times in the 70's? At said pizza place smoking weed is RITUAL. I smoked joints with my boss and took bong rips on break. And it was always super busy there so it could get pretty stressful cranking out pizzas all the time. Even some of the lady cashiers toked up. My dealer used to work there and his meeting spot is still the Padington's Pizza parking lot. Definitly threw up a couple times in the dumpster out back... bosses motto "I don't care what you do before work as long as you can still do your job."
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