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Originally Posted by violetparts
favorite part? There were definatley some stand out moments, like when Thurston shoved his guitar in that guys face, or during the last encore when Lee was rocking out, I also liked how Thurston was so interactive with the crowd. Giving that one guy a high five and dedicating anti orgasm to someone who yelled I love you!
the only drag was the opening band. I felt like they were under prepared. I felt kinda bad for them checking the clock and deciding what to play next to fill in the time.

Did you have a favorite part or high light?

World Looks Red was really cool. That screwdriver jammed in Lee's frets was awesome. I didn't expect them to play that. Brother James at the end was great. The false start before Leaky Lifeboat was funny.

Also, did you notice they played Providence right before Massage that History?
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