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Originally Posted by exploding plastic candle
Oakland, CA Fox Theatre setlist

Tom Violence
No Way
Sacred Trickster
Calming the Snake
Hey Joni
Walkin Blue
Poison Arrow
Malibu Gas Statioin
Leaky Lifeboat
Massage the History
Stereo Sanctity
What We Know
Shadow of a Doubt
Cross the Breeze

fucking incredible. I'm sure anyone that was there could attest to that. The Sprawl/Cross the Breeze combo to finish the concert was the greatest 15 minutes of my life.

Lee was in full control tonight. He seemed downright giddy. I'd never seen him place his stamp on a show so enthusiastically.

My first time at the Fox Theatre. A beautiful backdrop.

Man, I've been seeing these guys live since 1988 and they've never sounded better or as charged up. Incredible.
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