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Originally Posted by pantophobia
they barely played it on the nurse tour, only like texas and australia if i recall, before the album was even released

and to just sure there is no confusion, no they did not play Tunic, if they had Chris and Jenn would have gone nuts on the board, not to say some other old old songs could reappear......after Stereo Santity came back, all bets are off

Were you able to attend the show? I'd rather someone who was there confirm or disconfirm this. No offense, but I'm assuming with your location being Maryland that you weren't there. Not trying to start anything or pass any judgement on you, just want to be sure. I can't think of any other songs of theirs that deliver that two-beat power coming out of feedback and into vocals...
Chris and Jenn...I'm assuming you guys were there since Pantophobia refered to you. Do you know? I've listened to every song (album wise) on the posted seattle set list and know there was definitely another song in between... It may not have been Tunic; I just can't think of what else it would have been since it's such a recognizable ditty...Darn...guess I'll ahve to re-listen to their cataloge
Thanks for helping me figure this out though everyone!!!
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