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Originally Posted by sway
Easily, no! I've never staed it was the absolute first time words were ever taken seriously, but merely the first time (as far as I can tell) that ANYONE could identify with. It wasn't aimed at a specific class of people, which wasn't the case with opera. W/ blues, ANYONE could participate and be taken at least remotely seriously. Opera, no way. You mentioned it first, I'll remention it as much as necessary.

I'm saying this...trends change, sure, but theres a better likely hood more will be aware of Elvis, say 50 years from now, than Pavarotti, Last I checked people weren't traveling far and wide to visit Paverotti's house.

The "kurds" did play for there sheep? Or really, were they playing for themselves? I have a strong hunch that most African Americans that picked up guitar (an instrument not taken TOOOO seriously, initially, by European Americans) were really playing for themselves. A cheap way of expressing one's self turned an easy way to entertain the neighborhood.

And I assure you, blues, as an approach to guitar, has outsold Justin Bieber. Where will he be in 40 years? Where is Jimi now???? Again, no debate.

no you fucking retard.

the guitar was invented in spain. no. not anyone could participate. you fucking retard. no. it is always performed by a specific class of people. there is not some sort of mystical populism attached to the blues. nothing worth writing half a sentence of the bullshit you've been spewing for over 3 pages now.

blues is not some representation of post modern capitalism that transcends class for a pure universal individuality that you can somehow imbibe thru your painfully embarrassing message boards posts that you use in an attempt to approximate that gaping void of misery you're confusing a personality with. "BECUZ ITS LIEK, THEY'RE DOIN IT FOR THEMSALVES MAN!" what the fuck are you talking about. it's music. are you trying to tell us there was something so magical about the conditions it was made in that, like, causes it to transcend everything else and go beyond the mere status of music? are you a fucking idiot. so because of the inward selfish individualistic nature of blues performances, like how, i dunno, they were performing for money, blues (and by extension nirvana, stooges ((and your personality))) is a superior music. or just like, SO SPECIAL OR SOMETHING! and is there something ineffably special about it that is gonna solve all the problems in your shitty life? is it going to grant you the magical powers of making coherent arguments that have any relevancy to anything or are remotely worth reading? NAH MAN, I JSUT DONT GET IT, it has something SPECIALthat you FEEL, MAN, pffft, U WUDNT UNDARSTAND SQUARE, U DONT KNOW JIMI LIEK I KNOW JIMI, MAN. IM BETTER THAN EVERY1 ELSE AND MAEK SENSE ON MESSAGE BOARDS.

do you need this as some sort of ego support crutch to come on here and splutter out this self involved teenage diary bullshit to somehow wrap yourself up in the mystical properties of this music. is any of this doing anything for you at all? what the fuck are you talking about? THE KURDS MAN! IT'S JUST MUSIC! THE KURDS ARE JUST MUSIC MAN! BUT I'M SPECIAL!

i mean i know you rely on this because you're a fucking moron. i know asking what the fuck are you talking about is just rhetorical at this point. but still. what the fuck are you talking about?

the only thing more excruciating than reading your posts is not being there to punch you in the fucking face for regurgitating this bilge from the rancid depths of your whiskey fried southern unconscious. and i say that out of concern, not malice.

and now you're backed into a corner, the point you lacked in the first place reduced to a mere pretense for trying to lash out and insult everybody who isn't validating this utter tripe you concocted off the top of your head because you lack the ability to shut the fuck up and let go of a romantic attachment to nirvana you developed as an overly hormonal teenager. you know the music you are talking about is just music. you know its simplistic, obsolete, you know you are in your fucking 20's, you know how sad and regressive you are. you know there never was anything special or superior about this music, and you can't get over how stupidly and blindly you believed it would fix your personality and turn you into a celebrity. so all you can do is hold onto that snidey self assured feeling you need to feel when like, everyone just doesn't GET you, man.

congratulations. congratulations you fucking moron.
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