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Yeah, they're my favorite band too.

A few pages back, I talked about all the ones I'd heard at the time. I've since heard everything except a few of the casettes.. which I'll eventually get... if you have soulseek, add user Edweena .. he has just about everything.

Hahah I could one day talk a little in depth about all the releases, but I'll say my favorites are:

Box of Chameleons (128 tracks; a perfect primer and document of everything the band does well)
Horse Cock Phepner (fully-realized and brilliant in every way)
Borungku Si Derita 7" (just one of the best singles)
330,003 Crossdressers (moreso disc one than two, but... I honestly think if they'd cut the jammy/fillerish stuff from this disc, it could've really caught on and been a huge success amongst people; not that that notion ever really appealed to the Girls.. but anyway, all their best songs are on here)
Torch of the Mystics (duh)
CFR Radio (again, disc one is better, though disc two has a 14 minute poetry reading; it's a radio broadcast of Sun City girls playing a bunch of song snippets from other artists, their own music, them making noise in the studio, them just talking.. hilarious and fascinating.. they cover the Batman theme!)
Country Music from the World of Islam (I'm not sure what the origins of this is right now -- I think it was a casette release. Anyway, very very eclectic sounding stuff with almost no jamming or filler. Even though there are very few fully-realized songs, the songs here seem like sketches of what could have been classics... it's a very fascinating listen)
Carnival Folklore Resurrection 14: Static From The Outside Set (kind of like Radio but even better. Lots of jokes, cover songs, original songs.. including Sir Richard Bishop's amazing "Djano-ized"... spoken word stuff.. really, the whole thing is just fascinating stuff.. it wouldn't seem like it, but it's definitely worth listening to over and over)

The CFR series has a few hits but is usually not all that interesting unless you're primarily interested in Sun City girls's dicking around and making up stuff for hours. Which is good when the mood's right but not something you'll want to listen to versus their more refined stuff.

The casette series, what I've heard, is really fascinating stuff, really energetic, a lot of it reminds me of the Residents in a way actually, specifically commercial album era.. just short, crazy songs.. never last long enough to get on your nerves...

One of my favorite releases is a release called FOR DRUMMERS ONLY that was packaged with the decent Piano Bar.. it's almost all percussion, of course... Gocher is an extremely talented and underrated drummer with a really crisp sound...

Almost every album on's "main discography page" listing is worth getting in my opinion. Of the albums you just mentioned, I definitely dig Flute and Mask the most.

As far as solo albums go, Sir Richard Bishop's output is all great, but I'd definitely get "Salvadore Kali". Alvarius B's "Blood Operatives of the Barium Sunset" is probably one of the best albums ever made, but his split with Cerberus Shoal is also great.

Also worth looking into is Cerberus Shoal themselves, because all 3 Sun City Girls are actually on the last song on the album "Chaiming the Knobblesome". Cerberus are of a similiar Middle Eastern musical kick but way more complex, abstract, and ... it's like prog rock without any of the clichés (well, the first couple of albums are more like post rock but by Mr. Boy Dog, they started getting REALLY eclectic; there's an accordian on almost every song too). Also, if you haven't, look into all the Secret Chiefs 3 stuff.

It's weird, I first heard Torch of the Mystics 5 years ago. I really liked it but not so much that I'd investigate their work any further... because their discography is intimidating, to say the least. About 9 months ago, I played it for my friend and I was like "holy fuck I should get more" and I never looked back. At first, I was like, "okay, I'll only get the main albums" and then I got all the live albums and then... yeah. Again, it just kind of creeps into your skin after a while.

Amazing band. Even though not all of their 100+ releases is great, they're all at least interesting.

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