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Originally Posted by Murmer99
this won't contribute much to the punk/politics discussion, but I personally think the Ramones are one of the most overrated bands ever. This doesn't really bother me though, and I'm aware of their inspiration and importance. I'm just saying they're beyond tedious once you've moved past the first record, in my opinion. Also, perhaps this is irrelevant, but I often think about the connection between personality and music. I wonder how much personality overrides the substance itself (if at all) at times, for certain individuals. I'm not insinuating anyone here is illustrating this, but I'm just curious about how much it would alter an individual's take on particular artists without their approach and/or "gimmick" in the artists' demeanor. Also keep in mind, it isn't associating personality with music that I'm criticizing. It's kind of silly and possibly a waste of time, but you see... the prospective readers are more than welcome to not give a single shit.

Yes, the Ramones pretty much rewrote the first three records over and over throughout most of their career. Their musicianship was limited. They found a gimmick, and they stuck with it. I just think they are a kickass band. They're fun. There were some bad vibes behid the scenes, but seldom did it result in miserable music and even when they did reference personal shit, it was so heavily veiled and silly most listeners would never notice. They aren't my favorite band, but they played a major role in writing the book that would become punk rock. They were basically a funny Stooges that pretty much limited themselves to power chords. Whatever.

And sure, I'm content in saying individual personality will effect the way one listens to music and what they are wanting out of it (it's possible I'm not understanding your question...). I'm quirky. I have no doubt that I'm neurotic. I can be loud and obnoxious, and I at times have the tendency to sometimes go weeks at a time mostly keeping to myself as far as my personal life is concerned. Also, I can be (as most here are well aware) very opinionated and argumentative. An aspect of myself that is natural to me, but also one I don't always enjoy. This is probably a good explanation as to why I tend to (usually..) stay away from political bands and (especially/ALWAYS...) those with any sort of religious agenda. Musically, I was beginning to dig Silver Mount Zion, but very quickly became exhausted of them lyrically. I don't give a fuck if someone is Jewish. I really don't give a fuck about listening to an artist express any sort of secular issues. Artists are usually a bit weird, anyway. Even Dylan (one of those often praised for his lyrics) was proven a fraud several times. I like my music quirky and nonsensical (weird jazz, noise, etc) or just straight ahead NO BULLSHIT rock n roll (Stooges, Dolls, Mudhoney, etc).

Lyrics are, and to me should be, the least important part of music. Some dipshits have to take it beyond that (Ian Mackaye) often going as far as get get preachy and shit between songs. The majority of these bands create music that has a difficult time standing on it's own without the actual lyrics (I mean FUCK, how could anyone really enjoy some bullshit like Agnostic Front?) If I was in a band, I wouldn't give a shit who my audience were or how they behaved at my shows (sans someone getting raped or something absurd). Hetero, homo, homophobic, womanizers, women issues sympathizers, I wouldn't give a shit as long as it didn't effect the show. Shit, they all bought a ticket. half the bands like that tend to have audiences that are too, though. Whatever. Shit just doesn't and wouldn't ever work for me.

I remember hearing about this utter shit band (Earth Crisis) playing Atlanta several years back. Their fans were lame enough to have apparently beat the shit out of a couple guys I know for lighting up cigarettes. Cool beans. Not really.
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