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Now that they've had an eight-page thread of unanimous "THIS RULES!" on teh TERMBOXZ0RS, surely someone will finally step forward to say that The Mayyors suck, right? It hasn't happened yet (and that person will surely be wrong), but that is how things are supposed to work in the world of one-upsmanship and contrarianism and anti-conformity conformity of record collectors. But now Sacto's scuzziest have a righteous li'l record out, and it's finally time for the world to hear the band that's been like the vice mayyors in the Camellia City. Warm Streams have spewed forth their Camo Babies debut featuring three slashy, scrawly, nasty numbers that pummel forcibly yet humorously, much like the most vigorous moments of Lubricated Goat or early No Trend. The unmistakable vokills of Joshua Ploeg formerly of Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live bubbles the band's bile to the top of your throat. The band's other bloodlines draw from The Kill-a-Watts, Sores, Corpse Fucks Corpse, and others. They are known to crack a party off right on time, and if you are a fan of vacation mayhem, I'd recommend booking a flight to Sacto International if they share a living room or basement stage with the Mayyors again. This record comes in a cute colorful picture sleeve and has ectoplasm-colored vinyl.

You can DOWNLOAD this week's show from links atop the latest blogpost...

GREEN GREEN || Electricity Is Simple || Drinx & Snax demo CDR || no label *new
HANDGLOPS || Something Fun || Handgold demo CDR || no label *new
PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT || intro/Catch a Wave || Magic Flowers Dubbed CS || Bumtapes *new
LEADERS || Ixnay || 2nd demo CDR || no label *new
CATATONIC YOUTH || Freedom Vanilla || Piss Scene 7" || HoZac *new
N.213 || God's Hollywood || v/a: Ammugammu 2xCS || Isolated Now Waves *new
N.213 || Earth Spits Blood
FABULOUS DIAMONDS || Concrete || 7" || Nervous Jerk/Mistletone 2007
FABULOUS DIAMONDS || B2 || Fabulous Diamonds || Siltbreeze *new
JESSE TAYLOR || Spell on You || split CS w/ N.213 || Isolated Now Waves *new
TWIN CRYSTALS || Two Girls || Two Girls 7" || Summer Lovers Unlimited *new
DEAD LUKE || Waste of Spaces || Record One 7" || Sacred Bones *new
PLASTOBETON || Hard to Kill || Glam Mort CDR || Tanz Procesz *new
QUEER KONTROLL || Meat Blender || CDR || Isolated Now Waves *new
IN FLUX || Strobe Rapids || split 7" w/ Tobert Knopp || Tape Tektoniks *new
SHEARING PINX || Called by the Wrong Name || Iseult 7" || The Broadway to Boundary *new
STAMINA MANTIS || Unicorns Shit Rainbows || split 7" w/ Shearing Pinx || Reluctant *new
STAMINA MANTIS || Life Is Fucking Nice
MUTATORS || Broken Hands || split LP w/ Shearing Pinx || Ugly Pop *new
HARPOON GUNS || No More Light || Nanonii 7" || Going Underground *new
CONTAMINATORS || Material Messages || Contaminators || Going Underground *new
WARM STREAMS || Model Flesh || Camo Babies 7" || Borox *new
ELECTRIC BUNNIES || Bubble Bath || Fantastic Metal Eye 7" || Columbus Discount *new
LE FACE || No Scene || Salvador Dali 7" || Rich Bitch *new *request
SMITH WESTERNS || Irukandji || Irukandji 7" || HoZac *new
VAPID || Sex Stain || v/a: Emergency Room || Nominal *forthcoming
YOKOHAMA HOOKS || Cleveland French || Creepy Crawl 7" || Lipstick Pickup *new
YOKOHAMA HOOKS || Bloodstains [Agent Orange] || Turn On 7" || Tic Tac Totally *new
PARTY FOWL || Bloodstains [Agent Orange] || El Toro 7" || PPM *new
ANTEENAGERS M.C. || Mao vs. the Sparrows || (Illusions of the) Teens 7" || Plastic Idol *new
DEFEKTORS || Torn to Pieces || Torn to Pieces 7" || Hockey Dad *forthcoming
WICKED AWESOMES || Fighting the Wolf Spirit || split 7" w/ O Voids || Lost Space *new
THE HOSPITALS || Animals Act Natural || Hairdryer Peace || self-released *new
SHEPHERDS || David's Vibrations || Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7" w/ Ignatz || Not Not Fun *new
INCA ORE || Aztlan at 4 Altitudes || Bored Fortress Singles Club split 7" w/ Secret Abuse || Not Not Fun *new
BARN OWL || Teonanacatl || From Our Mouths a Perpetual Light || Not Not Fun *new
HEAVY WINGED || Last Forever || On the Marble Cliffs || Trensmat *new
LITTLE WOMEN || trk 3 || Teeth || Gilgongo *new
MARY HALVORSON & WEASEL WALTER || Bronze, Amethyst and Saffron || Opulence || ugExplode *new
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