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Hey, sonicl.. sorry I got cut off talking to you on the phone on Friday, I ran out of change. Fuckin phones.

The weekend would've been better if I'dve had more money all round. I spent way too much time drooling over the merch tables. And thinking about how much I was not drinking, smoking, gambling or eating.

The epic queueing and chucking outing was fucked up. I couldn't beleive that. I never had to queue once for anything when ATP was at Camber Sands. And I certainly never got asked to vacate a venue to make way for other people. I saw and talked to a lot of very fucked off folk for three days. The booing when they closed the doors for Deerhoof on Friday (to all the people who already weren't allowed in to see SY or The Stooges) said a lot. As did the big "HONK IF YOU HATE QUEUEING" sign someone made and erected outside the main venue... but, pssh, whatever. They weren't kidding when they wrote "arrive early to avoid disappointment" in the booklet.

Don't really know why i'm moaning so much.. maybe it was the weather (cold, wet, windy.. the heater in the chalet didn't work and the TV wouldn't tune in to the two festival channels... whinge, piss, moan, whinge..)

THE STOOGES on Sunday night were my highlight. They made up for everything. I touched Iggy (didn't try to stage invade though.. I still have a dent in my head from attempting that the last time.. kudos to those who made it though. That was one of the funnest stage invasions I've seen.. that girl who was humping Iggy was funny.. and the Santa who started doing push-ups? Also very funny. You could tell Iggy loved the energy. Some people get up there and don't know what to do or just start taking pictures.. not the ATP invaders! they were a fucking riot. Well done.) Oh and I got a lovely smile from Iggy when I blew him a kiss. Ahh.. I get all goosebumpy just thinking about it.

Awesome Color were awesome. Their camera pal with the smashed in head (he "took a chandelier to the head for the team") was really friendly and cool. Talked ot him at the merch table for a while. He showed me his head boo-boo. Ouch. ROCK.

16 Bitch Pile-Up were my favourite (after The Stooges). Gave the middle Sarah (bass) a big ol hand smooch at the end. Loved it. Wish more than anything I could've afforded a 16BPU teeshirt. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Wolf Eyes: LOUDER than thou.

My Cat Is An Alien: Also loud. Very quiet and sweet in person though. Best and most varied merch by far. My purse ached everytime I went near.

Saw Thurston walking around A LOT. Wearing a neon orange cap at 6ft-whatever he was hard to miss.. especially when tailed mostly by mini entourge of camera people.

Saw Lee and Kim and King Buzzo and (briefly) Mike Watt around too. And, someone confirm or deny this for me, was one of Iggy's side-stage guests Peaches? I swear it was she...

I took some pictures (no digicam.. I'll pick them up (old skool) tomorrow from the developing place. Two disposables worth. Probably nothing good. But I can't really remember much of what I snapped besides Iggy..

I've got "I'm the king of the swingers" from the Jungle Book in my head. Weird that that's the music that most sticks from the weekend.. (from all the arcade machines.. that and the "Winnie The Pooh" theme tune.)
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