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Originally Posted by krastian
Dreads......I cut mine off in Aug. They were long as shit.....I had them for 5 years. They were fun until I had to go around and try and find a job.

people are such judges
... like you were a dope head pot smoker ... so were you ?
or did you just hate the combing

o yes this is the introduce myself thread ...
ok, hmmm

single white female your mother's age and loving it
can vote = yes, much more than that to it as we all know, see Bush is still in the seat, the fuckin bastard
music = yea well I likes it all and plays it all
interests: world, people, fun, living
pets - yes many
love - yes always giving it and protesting where it counts
sex - I like it with a man and women are my friends
Type of Person I am - I am a good friend who cares and keeps a secret when asked ... next !!

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