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Originally Posted by pbradley
Intelligence and wisdom are two very different things. To discriminate people by the former reveals are great lack of the latter.

Let's review:

They are all obviously far more original

Here I am pretty much equating originality with intelligence and using the terms somewhat interchangeably. In many ways, innovation, artistic or otherwise, is a manifestation of true intelligence.

than the virtual vampire calling themselves "Happy Birthday" who posted this topic merely because I brought up the subject of intelligence quotient scores earlier today.

First, I defended Sonic Youth's I.Q.s because they are creative. Obviously, they are wise as well to have such a long career making art and music.

And I.Q. scores do in fact mean a whole lot. They provide a very accurate measure of a person's cognitive abilities.

This is my general opinion about I.Q. tests. Moreover, my opinion also happens to be in accordance with most of the brightest minds in the world on the matter, and in fact, the very definition of "intelligence test." I.Q. tests can be useful as a tool to measure a threshold of a person's general intelligence level. I can hardly see how this can be debated against all that successfully by anyone.

Although it's true that some people do not receive the same quality of education as others, thus the squabbles over an inherent cultural bias within the tests in recent times.

Most of us have heard the debate over the relevancy of I.Q. tests based on this point. Let's be honest. Can we? I hope we can. Most of the outrage over I.Q. and standardized testing in general has come from black political groups. I hope you agree. If you do not, then you obviously are obtuse and merely have a specific axe to grind for whatever misguided reason. Anyway, proceeding along in this fashion, I would like to state that any person regardless of race, creed, sex, or national origin has just as much capacity and ability to be as intelligent or wise, (if you prefer) as anyone else. And please don't misunderstand me; do please note that intelligence means "awareness" which has extrasensory and spiritual connotations anyway. And please don't get confused like a dunderhead and try to switch the subject to quacks who believe in ESP either. To get back to my point, anyone has the ability to be intelligent, but the hard facts of history make it a lot less likely for some rather than others. There's no doubting that history has been most unfair to many people; people of color and women spring instantly to mind. The economic status of a person's family seems to be a primary determinant which makes for an unfair society with no true democracy or meritocracy. Okay, enough stated.

Another legitimate qualm with I.Q. tests is that they do not provide an accurate measure of an individual's ability to create or their visionary capacity.

This part specifically relates to "wisdom" and how intelligence tests are not perfect.

But again, an I.Q. test is useful in determining a person's reading comprehension, problem-solving ability and capacity to apply knowledge.

At this point, I'll strongly suggest that some of you desperately need to improve your reading comprehension and abilty to apply knowledge. It's for your own good. I like to think that I care enough to let you know.
Synchophantic blather and crude quips seem to be the norm here just as on other message boards with little moderation. Personally, I'm tired of being dragged down to that level. This board is so very typical and it's a shame. And obviously this serves to underscore the myth that Sonic Youth fans tend to be intelligent and artistic, and implores the common wisdom that they are usually merely poseurs.

I've taken two Stanford-Binet tests with a tester who asked the questions as I answered with the materials placed in front of me. The result of the first test was a genius level score. When administered the following year, the result was a highly gifted level score.

Oh boy, there it is, the ending part that inspires such jealous rage in the insecure. Look, I didn't write about scores. And I didn't go on and on about myself. Do I really deserve to be attacked? Do I deserve it from someone (pig latin username fucker that no one here knows) with eleven posts? Screw this.
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