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There is a lot of bickering about downloading the album, but you all seem to forget that there are also press releases of the album, such as my personal copy. So some people have a legit copy of the album.

And as far as the whole mp3 quality argument goes, the only real issue mp3 brings up is the fact that it throws out any information that is being masked by something else, so in the process you lose overtones. With a band like sonic youth and a bitrate around 192 a good 75% of you wont even notice the difference. And of course as you all read this each and every one of you has an arrogant side, whether you want to admit it or not, that thinks you are part of the 25% that will notice.

Petty bickering over the mp3 verses cd thing and the whole downloading versus not downloading thing are getting old. How about the world grows up and realizes some people are always going to attain unofficial copys of someones work, so just except it and move on, and if you think it's wrong don't do it, but don't come down on some kid who just wants to enjoy someone's art. It's not malicious man, nobody is like "oh shit I want to download all this bands music to screw them over," it's usually more like "oh shit I really dig this band, but I can't afford the albums"
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