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gench concert archives

Presenting selected solo and collaborative performances by Thomas Dimuzio and friends. Experience each concert in its entirety as it unfolds from beginning to end. Available exclusively through Gench Music as specially priced CD-R's ($8 each or five for $32) and as free MP3 excerpts below.

Thomas Dimuzio live samples and processes multiple sources of audio signals in real-time, much akin to a real-time digital musique concrete machine. Signal feeds intercepted from his collaborators along with MIDI-controlled feedback, ambient microphones, shortwave radios, field recordings, circuit-bent toys, and original audio source recordings are integrated and mixed into his system of interactive electronics. More than a collection of gadgets and wires, Dimuzio has devised a musical instrument allowing detailed and rich aural abstractions to be improvised and realized in real-time. A versatile environment allowing the artist to explore deep aural realms as a soloist and integrate effectively within an ensemble.

The Thomas Dimuzio and Anla Courtis excerpt is beyond aceness.