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Originally Posted by guest
- here's why closer isn't one of the best pop singles of the 90s:
I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god

This is not an argument. Hell, this isn't even an ad hominem. I mean, it's almost there, but even logical fallacies require some attempt at logic in order for said logic to be deemed "fault." This has none, and I'm pretty sure you know that because you're clearly a bright person.

Do better.

Originally Posted by guest
also to lump coil in with ministry et al, especially at that stage of their career, is not only completely incorrect but totally fucking idiotic.

Eh, you seem to be ill-informed on this. Not only is NIN frequently compared to Coil (I'm pretty sure that any site with a "similar artists" or "more like this" feature — Spotify, Apple Music, AllMusic, etc. — will list Coil on the NIN page and vice-versa), but Coil was briefly signed to Reznor's Nothing label. Also Danny Hyde worked on more NIN remixes than I can count, and Drew McDowall helped enginee TDS companion disc Further Down the Spiral.

Additionally, prior to the respective deaths of Balance and Christopherson, the two Coil mainstays were close friends with Reznor. Have you, like, never listened to Uncoiled or Recoiled? Not definitive Coil pieces, I'll grant you — indeed they're not even close — but still... they're alt. takes of NIN remixes. To suggest there's no link between the two bands is patently false.

Admittedly, Coil's "real" albums, and their entire take on "industrial" sounds very different from NIN's. But Reznor is a mega fan, and if you were more familiar with his music, you'd be able to identify where he pulled inspiration from their work.

One last thing is that you need to remember (learn?) that in the early '90s, we didn't have access to music the way you have for as long as you've likely been listening to it. Hell, we didn't even have the internet when this stuff was going on. Those of us who wanted to find underground music often did so first through established big tent artists. Nirvana led me to Sonic Youth, and the breadcrumb trail continued until I was picking up Glenn Branca albums and beyond. Similarly, when I was young, seeing Nine Inch Nails play with David Bowie introduced me not only to the true highlights of Bowie's catalog (Station, Low, Lodger), but also to a whole world of underground artists that were within NIN's orbit. The trail may have started a bit basic, with Ministry and KMFDM and the like, but eventually NIN led me to Throbbing Gristle (for which I will never stop being thankful), and Plaid, and (yes) Coil! Not to mention Aphex Twin and Autechre.

So maybe you leaned about the artists you currently love from a service that picks them for you, or from a free website (Pitchfork, Quietus) or even a message board, but there was a time when this shit didn't exist. I wasn't lucky enough to grow up in a fairly art-centric urban place, where there were GOBS of used record stores to thumb through. But to know what to look for I had to dig a bit. I had to learn Rolling Stone sucked for new music coverage by reading Rolling Stone and getting my new music from the magazine. I had to rely on live shows (which were not always easy to get to before Interwebs, especially for a 14 year-old) or radio stations or my friend's big brother to expose me to new stuff. Even when internet WAS a thing —and I was all over it as soon as I could be — it was a slow and terrible, and it could take hours to load fan pages to learn about new stuff.

So while you may see NIN as everything that's wrong with music (hah! In a world that includes Drake!), for me, they were instrumental in helping me discover the things that were right. Like a lower level Nirvana, in the sense that they exposed me to a new workd of amazing things.

Being a music fan... a true nusic fan, is about so much more than politics, ethics or ideals. It's about the pursuit of joy itself. Music that brings you joy is music worthy hearing. Music that interests you or makes you think is music worth hearing. Music that exposes you to more music is music worth hearing. Not being DIY/obscure/alienated/punk/sophisticated/progressive or whatever else has no bearing on the sound of the notes in your ears. If it did, I'd Fucking hate The Rolling Stones! The epitome of music-as-product, consumer-driven, rich and indulgent horseshit. But only an asshole would hate the Stones.
Those corporate stooges have made my ears and brain feel good as hell over the years.

/old and uncool and unconcerned
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