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I am new on this site, as a big Velvets fan i just wanted to say thanks!
This thread has also got me thinking, when i first bought Bad Moon Rising when it was released I thought with SY I had found the Velvets of my generation. For me during the period between BMR and Sister, SY had a similar musical development. Looking back SY didnt have the rigour or intensity of the VU, but they lasted a lot longer which is great thing in relation to their amazing musical rebirth since 1998. Maybe not a popular opinion but SY were for me far less interesting in the 90's. I really began to love them again when I heard Thousand Leaves up until now. I also realised that SY is the only band where i bought every record they released since 25 years, i should get a prize My first post LOL! (heads to the fridge to get another beer)................
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