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al shabbray
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I dont get any money for this. just want to spread the word about some swedish guys who are trying to find really good ways to help musicians communicate and even collaborate about the web!!!

you will get:
-unlimited space for tracks of yours in any audio format, even .wav or .aiff
-you can receive comments from other users directly into your wave, so you know exactly what they mean. and you can do this too of course
-and you got a dropbox, this is a personal mailbox kinda thing where anybody on the web (he/she do NOT need a soundcloud account) can send you audio files in any size and any format, perfect for collabos, remixes etc. and thats the reason why I write this, cause Ive read somewhere here that somebody could only send mp3s of his track for remixing, and I just wanted to tell you about this site, I am using it for some weeks now, and it rocks!!! completeley gratis, the only need an invite!