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The news item at states the following:


Sonic Youth are selecting concerts from throughout their history and making them available at the The concerts are available through the music streaming service or in multiple download formats ranging from MP3 to hi-resolution audio, as well as on CD.

Sonic Youths partnership with kicks off with the following shows; additional releases will appear on a regular ongoing basis:
November 5, 1988: Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL USA
December 13, 1988: CBGBs, New York, NY USA
August 17, 2002: Metro, Chicago, IL USA
August 22, 2007: ABC1, Glasgow, Scotland
October 21, 2009: Columbiahalle, Berlin, Germany
August 12, 2011: Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn, NY USA

Video release at launch:
August 22, 2007: ABC1, Glasgow, Scotland The band perform Daydream Nation in its entirety live in 2007 and filmed by Lance Bangs.
Visit Sonic Youths live concert archive at

This raises two questions:

1. Is the availability of the shows on CD something that is forthcoming, as the current batch is download/streaming only.

2. What is meant by "Video release at launch" in relation to the Glasgow show? Currently the show is available as an audio download and there is no mention of a video release at Will this come later once the theatrical screenings are finished?
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