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John Cale live 1983

Hello, I'm back again. Other things to do, some trouble with my internet provider, such were things that kept me from posting.
My first "new" post is a fantastic live performance by the great John Cale from March 7th 1983 in the Markthalle in Hamburg. Just him solo with his guitar and piano, very intense, but also very charming as he was in pretty good mood, joked with the audience and seemed to have a good time himself. Until then I had only heard very little by John Cale, but after this concert I was hooked. I have seen him a few times since then, mostly solo but 2003 he played a free open-air in Oldenburg with a band.

The sound quality is pretty good as it was later broadcasted on NDR 2.

John Cale live 07.03.1983, Markthalle Hamburg part 1

John Cale live 07.03.1983, Markthalle Hamburg part 2 reup!

The second post is a performance John Cale gave in the studios of BFBS in Cologne on February 5th 1984 in Alan Bangs' show Nightflight. It#s not the complete show, only a few songs, among them also a Jonathan Richman song and "Song to the siren" by This Mortal Coil (played on 33rpm!), but that's what was on the tape.

John Cale live 05.02.1984, BFBS

Tracklists are in the comments!