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Originally Posted by Severian
This is Fucking incredible. Seriously. This is the kind of shit I spend hours on obscure electronic music sites digging through shit to find. I loved the entire thing, from beginning to end, and I have no criticisms.

However, you said you wanted feedback, so as a fan of this kind of music, I will tell you what stood out most for me:

(~6:47 to ~7:50) I was already enjoying myself immensely, but I peeked up quite a bit right around here. The vocal sample (if I'm hearing it right?) seemed to add a new dimension to the music.

Thanks. Is there really a vocal sample? I know there's one important one at around 15:00 (by my Iranian friend who talks about some serious shit), but here I'm not so sure, what the sample really was.

Originally Posted by Severian
(~10:26 to ~15:00) I love this... the hypnotic quality of the kind of chopped up arpeggio is just beautiful. This section really reminds me of something... some artist or song that I love the shit out of... but it's eluding me right now. Could it be Boards of Canada? I kinda don't think so, and if it is I can't think of the track that this brings to mind. I'm not saying it's derivative just that the sound (which I can't identify because as much as I love bleeps and bloops I know fuckall about synths and equipment) is familiar. Can you speak at all to your inspiration for this segment of the track?

This is quite a tough question actually. But lately I've been listening to the sort of more traditional ambient stuff (that I had loathed previously) like Tangerine Dream, Steve Roach and the like, so I guess this could be an inspiration for this live track. Plus, I play the wonderful Analog Four synthetizer and it's capable of nice analog arpeggios and bass sounds like these, so I wanted to make the most out of it.

Anyways, these tracks won't end up on any record (except the first one, which I really like), they're mostly just fun stuff to play live.

Originally Posted by Severian
(~16:35 to ~20:00; 23:00) Ok, see, I thought the song had peaked. Then this build starts. Your transitions are flawless. I would never have guessed that the piece was going to go in this direction based on the start. Then at ~23:00 it touches on perfection. I'm rubbish at identifying the tones (sorry!) but this is dope as fuck.

This could be my favourite part of this live set. It's got this polyrythmic thing to it, that I did kind of by accident, but it sounded really good in the venue.

Originally Posted by Severian
(~27:35 to the end) Heating up like crazy again a little after the 27 minute mark. Then the lower tones that start to blend in at around 31:00, along with the vocal samples, make for a very vivid sound collage indeed.

This track is the only one that had been released already:
it's not really "live" per se, I mostly play it from Ableton (+I added the synth arp over it to make it more interesting).

Originally Posted by Severian

I don't really know what else to say man. I wish I could give you more constructive feedback, but fucking WELL DONE.


ETA: It reminds me of Tortoise - "Djed."

Thanks man, this comment was really interesting to read! Highly appreciate your feedback and am very glad you liked that.

And Yes, "Milions Living..." by Tortoise is an album that I used to spin on a daily basis many years ago!

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