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Originally Posted by screamingskull
And "32 storys:the complete Optic Nerve series" is not in fact the optic nerve series but rough drawings and serieses that did not make it into the actual proper series.

I might be mistaken, but I think you're wrong. '32 STORIES: the complete OPTIC NERVE mini-comics' presents the original seven Optic Nerve comics, his early work he started drawing in high school; these were drawn before he signed the deal with Drawn & Quarterly and became known to a bigger public. They're extremely rare and are presented in this single volume. The 10 Optic Nerve comics from D&Q, that are also bundled in Sleepwalk and Summer Blonde, are successors to these 'mini-comics'.

Be it as it may, they're all worth the read. And I love how the reader's comments (be they fictional or non-fictional) in the D&Q Optic Nerves are in fact pretty similar to the stories Tomine reveals. They work beautifully together. Furthermore, I love how Tomine merely sketches out possible situations, without complete storylines, that leave a reader behind on his own with a vivid sense of emotion.

Originally Posted by !@#$%!
i think this guy is a genius btw


I hear you. Have you seen the Art & Beauty magazines? Love them. [Faits divers: I was able to track down some of the images he drew those portraits from.] And you must see the T. Zwigoff documentary on the Crumb household if you haven't already.

Originally Posted by Glice
I would add George Bataille's 'the story of the eye' or anything of his literary stuff...

'Le bleu du ciel' by G. Bataille is in my heart. A woman named Dirty; portrait of the Interbellum state of mind. Can it get any more real than this?

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