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I've already, quite long ago, mentioned my band, the almighty Autosuggestion. Long story short, we're from Cheltenham, Pennsylvania (a stone's throw from Philadelphia), we've been kicking around since about 2007, and we play fairly strange, fairly interesting music. For the curious, we have a rather rudimentary Bandcamp page and a somewhat disappointing Myspace page; I'd go to the former first, if only because of our lovely little single, which you can download for free at your leisure... Note, however, that it's not entirely representative of our music; we all like a good multi-part epic dirge or shambling sub-Pixies screech-drone just as much as the next man (and more). But so far, our recordings of such material are more than a little primitive in contrast, so Lightning Bolt-meets-Nurse With Wound it is!

Oh, yes, and not to forget the company blog, so far perhaps the least updated, least significant web-artifact ever (soon, though, soon...), or the truly frightful (yet surprisingly informative) Facebook page....

On a related note, we have a sibling band of sorts called the Exclamatories. They're basically a psychedelic jam band, with smatterings of Parliament and Miles Davis thrown in for good measure. We share a drummer, and occasionally a bassist or two.
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