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Originally Posted by Chris Lawrence
i like that they can get away with playing songs a trillion times, don't play them for a couple years, and then bring the same songs back and everybody acts like it's the most shocking thing ever. don't get me wrong, 'white kross' and 'shadow of a doubt' and even 'tom violence' etc are all great songs but does nobody remember the first half of this decade?

(i know i totally sound like a downer asshole, but i do LOVE these set lists, i just find the reaction funny! "whoa! white kross! tom violence! two of the songs they've literally played more often than any other songs ever! rare!!")

I felt the same as you do, having seen Sonic Youth 10 times since 1995 (and never since 2005). Then i checked the facts, going to your concert chronology in order to count the number of times i've heard each song.

Seen 4 times : Bull In The heather, Schizophrenia, Teenage Riot, Sunday and Kool Thing
Seen 3 times : Expressway, White Kross, Eric's Trip, Shadow Of A Doubt and most of ATL.

I'd have said i'd seen Tom Violence numerous times but as a matter of fact it only happened once. Guess it blew my mind so completely as a show opener that i remember it very accuraterly. On the contrary, Kool Thing, i wouldn't have said i'd seen it so often.

So yeah, i'm with you here, DV69, White Kross, Shadow Of A doubt, She is Not Alone, Tom Violence, Expressway, as great as they are, wouldn't stand out as big surprises.
A song they haven't played in the past 15 years, like Green Light or Stereo Sanctity, THAT would be awesome (and they will have time to rehearse before their show in Paris in october)
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