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DJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's assesDJ Rick kicks all y'all's asses
Thanks to special guest co-hosts Scott Soriano and Mick Mucus...they surely kept things lively, plus thanks to everyone who called in or logged on to pledge support of Freeform KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, CA....and everyone who's gonna pledge this week. You are all important to keeping this thing going!

Download this program by Sunday, April 26 at midnight from links atop the latest blogpost...
...otherwise it will become obsolete!

IVY GREEN | I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It
THE GORDONS | Future Shock
BUTTHOLE SURFERS | Butthole Surfer
NOBUNNY (w/ WAX MUSEUMS) | Tina Goes to Work
NOBUNNY (w/ WAX MUSEUMS) | Chuck Berry Holiday
HEAD | I'm Not Like Everybody Else
X | I Don't Wanna Go Out
FANG | The Money Will Roll Right In
CHROME | Chromosome Damage
WAX MUSEUMS | I Eat Vomit (Squeeze Inn edition!)
THE MONKS | Oh, How to Do Now
THE TWINKEYS | Aliens in Our Midst
THE CLEAN | Tally Ho!

If you are a fan of freeform radio and this blog/podcast, will you please call now or donate online? KDVS gives you dollar-for-dollar value in thank-you gifts which you can choose...PLUS, if you donate $25 or more, I will add to any thank-you-gift you choose a special handmade CDR compilation which I've carefully compiled called Cityy Managgers: the best of Live on Art for Spastics plus primo moments of pre-Mayyors bands and side projects.

You must donate before 12:00 midnight on Sunday, April 26 to get this.

The easiest way to donate is to pledge online here...

Here's the tracklist w/ commentary...

(1) A.H. KRAKEN "Allen Müller"
(2) A.H. KRAKEN "Black Borny"
(3) A.H. KRAKEN "Drop Sex"
From their brutal, lathery live set @ KDVS, broadcast on 24 Nov, 2008; includes a station ID.

(4) GIFT OF GOATS "Death to the Outsider"
(5) GIFT OF GOATS "Sleeping All Day Long"
(6) GIFT OF GOATS "Live from the Pegasus"
Before the Mayyors formed, bassist Mark played with this Davis-based band that was one of the Sacto area's very best mayhem-bringing live acts. They recorded nine songs with Chris Woodhouse, and all of them made it to vinyl. Tracks 4 & 5 are from the 4-way split LP (with JonnyX & the Groadies, Corpse Fucks Corpse, and Get Get Go) on Omnibus Records. Track 6 is from the 7" on Omnibus. Other GoG members included now-SF-based visual artist Jay Howell (perhaps you've seen his animation series "Forest City Rockers Motorcycle Club" which remains central to the Mayyors' limited web presence), former KDVS GM Justin Kable, singer Mick Mucus, host of longtime KDVS fan-fave show "Hardcore Party: the Chicken Years", who's otherwise known for fronting bands such as Anal Mucus, unkuT:Hunks, Girls Soccer, and Feces Munchers, and Upside Dan, who's been in a number of bands with Mick since their teenage years growing up in Concord, CA.

(7) FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS "Teenage Guerillas"/"Exquisite Corpse"
from live @ KDVS broadcast aired on 7 July, 2008...This young Orange County band really surprised me with their heady sarcasm, early-80s time-capsule sound, and clever arty riffs and arrangements.

(8) WAX MUSEUMS "Claw You Like a Cat"/"Magnet II"/"Tunguska"
(9) WAX MUSEUMS "I Eat Vomit"
(10) WAX MUSEUMS "Mosquito"/"Pyramid"
(11) NOBUNNY "Boneyard"
(12) NOBUNNY "Tina Goes to Work"/"Chuck Berry Holiday"
recorded/broadcast live on KDVS on 18 August, 2008...The Wax Museums blazed through 11 funnypunk anthems with jawdropping precision after playing (and singing) backup for NoBunny perfectly as well. Apparently, the best-tasting vomit comes up a few hours after chowing down a cheese-skirted burger at Sacto's Squeeze Inn.

(13) STANDARD TRIBESMEN "Record Player"
recorded/broadcast live on KDVS on 24 April, 2008...This band was the main vehicle of Mayyors drummer Julian after The Sores just sorta stopped playing and before the Mayyors formed. And the Tribesmen continued until late last year, culminating in an absolutely tremendous and vinyl-ready demo recorded by Chris Woodhouse, who had joined the band on bass for the last few months. This version of the band featured three other KDVS DJs including some splendid sax-work that nobody saw coming from DJ Boomer. Get that guy a new band already! If you plotted The Sonics, the Contortions, and Feedtime on a graph, the Standard Tribesmen are somewhere in between that triangle, shading a bit toward the Sonics' corner.

(16) METH TEETH "Unemployment Forever"
(17) METH TEETH "People Will Say Anything"/"Failures Selected by God"
These are the best three from the 9-song session they laid down live @ KDVS on 5 July, 2008, which sounds like their best recordings yet (pending that Woodsist release I can't wait to hear once it's out!) as it is free of the tape-hiss evident on their 7" and tour cassette.

(18) THE WHINES "Down the 2 Tracks"
(19) THE WHINES "Cut Meat"
(20) THE WHINES "Insane OK"
recorded/broadcast live @ KDVS on 16 March, 2008...The dazzling guitarwork of this Portland band gets a lot more room to breathe here as compared to their 7".

The guitarist and sound architect of the Mayyors recorded this privately at home in 2002. When I heard that 18th Dye was gonna make a record with Steve Albini, I expected it to sound a lot more like this...a killer dreampop wallopper!

(22) SEXY PRISON "Universal Order of 2011"
(23) SEXY PRISON "Without Us Some Guys Would Starve"
Two songs from last summer's most outrageous party record, Filth Flarn Filth. I described this before as clattery dance-party weirdpunk like Cheveu, but only if Etienne traded his guitar for a lithe and lively postpunk bass some wonderfully wacked pop-culture-jam garnish. Many legendary live shows live on in memory. Mayyors singer John first tweaked the Memory Man knobs in this outfit. Woodhouse and Julian add extra percussion on track 22.

From their Feb 2003 demos recorded by Woodhouse, these are the best recorded moments of the band which gave John a broader palette of vocal and performance tricks. Quirky hardcore with plenty of power still intact after the art-damage....sort of a turn-of-the-millenium take on early Saccharine Trust.

* * *

You can donate online at ...and you can pay by cash, check, or credit card. But if you prefer to pay via PayPal, you can indicate "check or cash" and just PayPal me your pledge amount at rickele (AT) gmail (DOT) com. I will immediately instruct your pledge be marked as "paid" so that your thank-you-gifts will be sent ASAP.

$25-40 Donors receive Cityy Managgers in addition to any premium package, such as packages of CDs or KDVS t-shirt (three designs available).

$100 donors receive Cityy Managgers plus host-your-own-show premium or four-hours-studio-time premium with our analog wizard Fenris Wulf (dude is ace!).

$200 donors ($50 less now) receive Cityy Managgers plus I book your band's West Coast tour leg and roadie you around so that you can party like no tomorrow while I keep you safe from dying on the road. Tour must be between late August and mid-December, up to one week in length, and you provide van. Also, I pick where we eat, but every band that's used my services in the past will tell you that this is one of the best parts to having me roadie your tour. (Only one band may choose this premium.)
If you need more reasons why to donate...

* Freeform KDVS in my opinion is one of the three best radio stations around, and the only in this echelon that has been student-run for 46 years.

* We need the money....Listener support accounts for two-thirds of our annual budget.

* It's tax deductible.

* Unlike any fundraiser I've heard of, we thank you with gifts that are a dollar-for-dollar value (and sometimes even more!) for every dollar you pledge.

* A successful fundraiser validates all of this effort we go through to provide outstanding programming that is streamable and downloadable for your time-killing, office-doldrum-alleviating, music-discovering pleasure. If you must know, I put about 4-6 hours of listening to deliver a two-hour AFS podcast every week.

* If it weren't for KDVS, bands would very likely not even have anywhere to play between the Bay Area and Portland....KDVS Presents books a majority of the good shows around here. We keep Sacto and Davis from becoming more like Fresno and Turlock.

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