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January 12, 2009

Jemina takes a break from writing and recording to rock for you and THE FLUID in Bucktown

After Be Your Own Pet's final show last year Pitchfork wrote "If there is indeed any justice in this world-- this won't be the last we hear from Jemina Pearl." It seems that indeed justice prevails as Jemina returns for her first solo show, opening for seminal SubPop act The Fluid at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this Saturday January 17. Fresh off the lower east side deflowering of Gossip Girl with Thurston Moore, she's poised to kill it with a sick band that includes former BYOPer John Eatherly, ex- Turbo Max, and Tall Firs' Ryan Sawyer.

Saturday 1/17 @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 North 6th St, Brooklyn
The Fluid
Jemina Pearl
The Overcasters

Doors 9pm, 18+, $15
More info and tickets:

Jemina Pearl
"Singer Jemina Pearl was the star of a long set filled with close to 30 sub- two minute heart attacks....Pearl's dancing is half the show, an inebriated shamanic ritual screaming on speed instead of peyote. Parading across the show stumbling into her guitarists, Pearl looked like she was entangled in a power line." -Derek Sagehorn, Daily Californian

"Pearl--who might break 100 pounds soaking wet, while wrapped in a down comforter, and holding a St. Bernard--comes across as winning the frontperson spot because her pipes unleash the best scream. And everybody else is afraid to fuck with her....(she) continues to have the best snarl in rock, a throaty, corporeal roar with such a husky belt to it that you can't quite figure out how it comes out of the young woman onstage. And there's the onstage charisma--the wide eyes that appear to roll into the back of her head when she's shaking her entire torso around as if she's trying to escape a straitjacket, the back-and-forth head wagging with such force that you wouldn't be surprised if her head came flying off midverse (and kept right on screaming), the shock-treatment dance that combines a circa-1964 go-go dancer's legs shimmy, arms flailing as if enduring a seizure-induced trauma, and hair standing at attention as if she touched a Tesla coil." Bret McCabe, City Paper

"Can you imagine Bonnie Langford-like Jemina being hailed as a Sevigny-type high fashion icon in the way Karen O is? Exactly. The famed onstage-puker would be too busy wiping the stage clear of her vomit or selling her own T-shirts to check out the winter collection. Like a cat gently clawing your ankles to buggery, Jemina is an hilarious ball of punky, peroxide mania underpinned by sweetness and light, and an exhilarating combination of John Lydon, Giant Drag's Annie Hardy and (thin) Britney" --NME

"Jemina Pearl's over-the-top rant- yowling earned its eponymous debut disc a parental advisory sticker. And her onstage antics with the group -- where she's often attired in tank top, jogging shorts and tube socks -- are so frenetic, sets rarely last longr than 15- 30 minutes." -Tom Lanham,

Jemina Pearl and Thurston Moore "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" on Gossip Girl:

The Fluid
To call the Fluid responsible for some of the most monstrous stage performances of the late 80s and early 90s isn't the irresponsible verbage of someone with a limited frame of reference, but a commonly held opinion that'll tumble from the mouth of pretty much anyone who saw them during that time period. They were carelessly lumped in with the grunge phenom, but rather than toiling away with sludgy riffs stuck in first gear, the Fluid tapped heavily into the explosive presence of bands like Black Flag or The MC5 and propelled that energy into lurching rock anthems that summoned absloute hammer-pulsed desperation amongst show-goers. They had the hooks, they had the looks, and they drove the crowd absolutely mental on every occasion I was fortunate enough to see them. If anyone deserves a DVD career retrospective, it's the Fluid.

The Overcasters
"Overcasters. This is one of those bands that needs to be seen to be understood and felt. They started playing out last year, and I was constantly running into people who were surprised by "what they sounded like." Now I can see why. The Overcasters play the kind of music that could score your dreams in those deep hours of rapid eye movement sleep. Peek through the gauzy guitars and all those instrumental effects and you'll hear a familiar voice -- singer-guitarist Kurt Ottaway -- although you've never quite heard this side of him before... "- Ricardo Baca,

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