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EP Artist Update, Hush Arbors and Religious Knives, Election Wrap up
The future is bright as Religious Knives and Hush Arbors hit college radio and other EP artists prepare for 2009


2009 is looking to be another monumental year with a slew of new releases from Ecstatic Peace. Jemina Pearl, after spending some time in the studio working with Thurston on "Sheena is a Punk Rocker", is working hard on a new album collaborating with a bicoastal band of great folks old and new that should produce a ripper for 09 with many days of touring to follow. Thurston, at present working hard with SY on the forthcoming Matador release, will also find his way onto the EP release schedule in collaboration with Bill Nace as Northampton Wools and in other transmodular forms. The Sunburned tribe followed Kieran Hebden(Four Tet) up to the woods of Vermont on a vision quest to destroy angles for 3 straight days and we're now anxiously awaiting what Chief Hebden will come up with for a mix. Should be a mind bomb. The band with best band member name ever - LUKE CRANKER- is Servile Sect and the impact that their Stratospheric Passenger CD had on us was more than a flesh wound. We're super stoked to drop this as LP WAX for you in the next month. More killzone vinyl coming from Mouthus, Menstruation Sisters, Flaherty + Nace, Mutant Ape, Macronympha, Richard Ramirez + M.S.B R.,Hat City Intuitive, New Blockaders, Jason Crumer + Roxann Spihula, Samara Lubelski, Aaron Dilloway, Rat Bastard, Uneven Universe, Prurient + T. Moore, and Leslie Keffer. To name a few...

Little Claw has the tracks and is also in mix mode fresh off a successful tour so we're hoping to deliver this in the first half of 09 as well. Matt Krefting has crafted a surgical strike of a cover record with the help of some deeply formed friends of the music(mascis, sunburned, burkett, townsend, etc). Vibe'a plenty. We were honored that Andrew W. K. was willing to stake his November out to create an epic solo piano recording for the label. Lord knows where this will take the man of endless inspiration but we're pretty sure it's not gonna sound like George Winston. Fall is going to bring us new sounds from the endless tour known as Awesome Color as well as the envelope pushin MV+EE. Both of which are in writtin mode movin into recordin mode. Wooden Wand will also have a record ready for us in the form of a Ryko granted exceptioned "Hard Knox." A favorite in the kitchen for months, this collection of pre studio breath takers displays Toth's best side. And Hamp locals Lord Jeff are in the process of stealing Justin away from his Dino days to make a record of sweet seventies slo farm. Should slide you through those summer months nicely. Oh yeah, and we just signed ENTRANCE straight outta Laurel Canyon - an explosive 3-piece that features predatory bass lines, teeth gnashing skins, and slippery yngwie-jorma-dickie guitar squallmaster Guy Blakeslee.
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