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I went to the expo last week. I'm not a SY fan and I don't think I've listened to a lot of their stuff (if any at all) but I live in St Nazaire and nothing (I mean it) usually happens in this city so I told myself 'why not ?'. After I saw the list of participants I definitely had to check out this thing, plus I kind of like the LiFE, as a structure, I mean come on it's a fu**** submarine base ! Alvéole 14 ! Haha...
And it was pretty good, there's a lot of stuff, from an amateur's pov Sonic Youth looks like a 'cool band', a little too rockish for me (no disrespect), but as a 'experimental-stuff-aficionado' I really enjoyed it.
Anyway it is THE place, this expo, to go as a fan, in my humble opinion.
And I don't want to give any credits to St Naze, I hate this city, but I think it's the best place they could have chosen, really, it gives the whole thing a very... well experimental atmosphere, with all the tv screens and the music playing at the same time, you know the resonance and s***.
I will probably go to the show in august, I hope they'll be a lot of 'strangers', for once it could be nice to live here, who knows...

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