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Originally Posted by demonrail666
There certainly seems to be an increasing pressure on people to 'get' The Fall, that's being applied by people that have very little insight whatsoever regarding music, but simply wish to elevate MES as some kind of icon of difference.

The Fall are fashionable right now, just as football is fashionable. This means that people with very little insight into either need to find an angle they're more comfortable with in dealing with them. People like the idea of a grumpy iconoclast - hence the elevation by Guardian readers and their ilk of figures such as MES and someone like Zidane. I had a conversation with someone who knew absolutely nothing about football but was absolutely convinced that Zidane was the greatest thing ever to kick a ball. I get the feeling he would've been much the same had the topic turned to The Fall.

One of the things that bugs me the most about these types is the fact that - just like our friend Nick Hornby would like - they seem to use music as a commodity that is there to be mixed with more mundane aspects of their lifestyle like sports, hobbies etc.

This I think creates a situation where certain bands are filed under things of no artistic merit, like the food you eat or the travel destinations that you choose. The truth of the matter that art in general is a way of escapism - for better or worse - from all those everyday things that are there already and might or might not make us feel like we're trapped, the last thing that you want to do is mix them with pleasurable and volatile things like records.

I also hate it when someone has to make it a definitive experience of everything that they listen to and everyone else has to listen to their rantings about it like they should be thought of as something all that special. Fuck off, enjoy the music and shut your gob.