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You can download this week's show at the latest blogpost...

(archived for 10 weeks)

You thought these mayors were without ruth...




Leading off this week is a relentless pummellin' neg-churner from The Mayyors, Sacramento's finest new weirdpunks since the Joe Serna administration. Funmaker bosses who made Karate Party and FM Knives, Sexy Prison and Corpse Fucks Corpse, Gift of Goats and Shove, and The Sores and Standard Tribesmen such great bands now comprise this band. Much philosophizing about The Brainbombs went on to center on a process toward thee infinite mayyoral riff that bludgeons like a sledgehammer, but the pace is kicked up a couple notches to uptempo. Fuzzed bass grinds, but melodically while the best integrated moanwavin' this side of Cheveu gives it a bit of a cyber edge.

Their Marines Dot Com EP is ultra-limited, and the band and their Waste of Oil Records label have no web presence at all. For now, the only way to get this thing will be to order it from S-S Records/Distro. This comes with my highest possible recommendation. Don't miss this band if they come to your area, too. Next shows...

Thursday, April 17 @ the Eagle in San Francisco
w/ Thee Oh Sees

Friday, April 25 @ the Hemlock in San Francisco
w/ Crash Normal & Sic Alps

Saturday, April 26 @ DAM House in Davis
w/ Crash Normal & Sic Alps

MAYYORS // Metro // Marines Dot Com 7" // Waste of Oil *new
LUDLOW // Gold Paint // Gold Paint 7" // self-released 2007
HIROSHIMA ROCKS AROUND // Major Labels Eat Their Shit (Vi Ar the Cempions) // Tour CDR // No Fi *new
TROUBLE VS GLUE // No No More // The Problematic Journey Mix CDR // No Fi *new
CHEVEU // Clara Vénus // Live in Paris CS // No Fi *new
CHEVEU // Superhero // self-titled LP // S-S Records *new
BLANK DOGS // In a Web // In a Web 7" // Daggerman *new
LADY DOCTORS // Butler Hospital // v/a: The World's Lousy with Ideas vol 2 7" // Almost Ready *new
FACTORYMEN // The Blouse // self-titled 7" // My Mind's Eye *new
STEVE STAIN // A Discourse of Sorts // The Brain Feels No Pain // New Alliance 1986
ART LESSING // Ten Fold // Sleeping Ghost CDR // Electric Eggplant *new
THE MOST UNICORN // Kid Song // Kid Song CDR // self-released *new
CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL // Words of the Prophet // forthcoming LP // Sacred Bones *summer 2008
DIAMONDHEAD // The Shaft // Street Leaf CS // White Tapes *new
SPAGHETTI & MOOSE BALLS // Paublo's Vision Quest // Fuck It CDR // self-released *new
METH JIVE // Wht We Thot We Knu // self-titled CDR // self-released *new
HOSPITALS // BPPV // Hairdryer Peace // self-released // *due April 4, 2008
HOSPITALS // Dream Damage
DAN MELCHIOR UND DAS MENACE // Hamming It Up on the Farm // Christmas for the Crows // Daggerman *new
BRIMSTONE HOWL // Uptight! // Uptight! 7" // Shake Your Ass *new
THE FEELING OF LOVE // Interracial, O.K. Judge // split 10" w/ Movie Star Junkies // Rijapov/Bibimbap *new
FNU RONNIES // Normal Citizen // Meat 7" // Richie/Testostertunes *new
THE DRILLS // I'm Normal // Skull Death 2 7" // Dirty Knobby *new (orig 1981)
EAT SKULL // If I'm Insane [Psycho Sin] // Dead Families 7" // Skulltones *new
PSYCHO SIN // Life's Getting Ridiculous // Forward to the Caves // Inward Visions 1987
HEART BEATZ // Secret Girls // Secret Girls 7" // Going Underground *new
THE PUMPERS // Don't Hafta Go // Don't Hafta Go 7" // Shake Your Ass *new
THE ALRIGHTEES // Alrightee Instro // The Alrightee EP 7" // Boom Chick *new
TALBOT TAGORA // You Look Like A Human // Volcano Girls // self-released 2006
FRUSTRATION // Shake Me // Relax // Born Bad *new
SPOTCH FORCEY // Frustré // v/a: IVG // Born Bad/Poutre Apparente *new (orig 1981)
MEDIO MUTANTE // Inestable // forthcoming 12" EP // ???
SUPERDOME 80 // Auto Gegen Pfütze // v/a: Doppel Hertz 2xLP // Kernkrach 2007
A. VAN GARDE // Disco Chip/RIB Schnitt // v/a: Trumpett Days // Enfant Terrible 2007 (orig 1984)
JONZUN CREW // Space Is the Place // Lost in Space // Tommy Boy 1983
THEM, THEMSELVES OR THEY // Sunshine // Ribbons & Bows... 7"+CDR // Malt Duck *new
MATTRESS // Have You Heard? // In Your Pocket 7"+CDR // Malt Duck 2007
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