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Day Two:
Upstairs -

- Sort of set the tone for the night... Which was a little bit more of a FUCK YEAH!!! FUCK YOU!!! Kind of thing. Two guys made noise for a while then threw some equipment on the ground and Left. Crowd was more of an agressive, wolf-eyes fan like crowd. They played well, not particularly memorable. But y'know what... If I'm listening to noise live... Especially at such an egalitarian fest I feel like embracing everything. They were good.

- Hive-Mind was great. Pumped out the swarm sounding shit... BUZZZZZZZZ... And the first to bring the awesome super-low frequency throat and scrotum rattling low-end pulse.

- These guys made me smile... Guy announced and talked before every song. Had more of a fuck-it! it attitude. Short songs that all sounded the same, high-pitched feedback... rambling. Guy playing low-end synth looked like Trent Reznor. "Raise your hand in the audience if you've had three meals today! Okay... Okay.. TWO? Okay... Okay... One? Okay.. Raise your hand if you've put nothing in you today? This song is for those who ate nothing today intentionally... It's called..." The majority of the audience at one meal, including yours truly.

Twig Harper-
Awww, Twig, poor Twig. Twig found out his house burned down, I guess while he was at No Fun Fest. He played well, but seemed out of it. Love goes out to you Twig. Just Keep On and On, man, never stop.

Daniel Menche
- One guy. Built up a tribal drone/trance by banging on some drums and screaming and looping it. Really enjoyed it. Dude hoisted himself up by grabbing the right-side speakers and climbed up on to the column on stage right.

- Ah... Here's where things got a little too violent, which I find is a really rare occurence at noise shows. I mean usually its people just chilling out and listening with a couple people slam-dancing to more aggressive acts. The crowd this night was assholic, i guess, because Wolf Eyes and other repudatedly harsh bands were playing. Macronympha played last year and nothing out of the ordinary happened, but this was a little microcosm of madness. An intense pit broke out with hahaha Thurston Moore in the middle of it, or so my girlfriend told me... I was more removed from it and couldn't see. Actually pretty funny, apparently a real tiny girl in the pit tried to shoved Thurston really hard, and since he's huge he just kind of put his hand on her shoulder and gently pushed her away. Anyway... bottles where thrown from the audience... Stuff was thrown back at the audience. A long fucking table ended up crowd surfing which was pretty scary. Equipment was lost. A couple people on and off stage ended up bleeding. Kind of sad kind of righteous. Carlos cut the set off because he realized it was out of hand. One poor dude ended up in the hospital needing stitches in his head. I read his post on a noise forum... he said he enjoyed the set until he realized he was bleeding and ended up in the hospital... Carlos posted a reply saying he'd help out with the hospital bill if the guy didn't have good insurance, which is class act. Overall, I think a couple bad seeds in the audience don't understand that the onstage provocation/acted-out-"violence" of certain bands is supposed to be good-natured, safe, and fun, and not aggressively trying to hurt people. Maybe Macronympha shouldn't have built up the atmosphere so much, but I really don't find too much fault. I think its just the same assholes who start throwing punches in a mosh pit. I mean, Macronympha had one of the girlfriends of a bandmember on stage wearing a corset-cincher thing, topless w/ black tape over her nipples... They were banging on trash cans. Some making out. Threw water bottles into the audience. I get depressed when I think some assholes think this is an excuse to pick a fight or try to really hurt someone. Or maybe I didn't see what hapenned and the band was more to blame. Overall, despite like two or three people getting a little hurt... it was nice to see some wild anarchy, even if it was forced and a bit depressing.

- Loudest thing all weekend.

Wolf Eyes
- You like them are you don't. I think they're okay.

- This was my favorite night downstairs. Bands from Brutal SFX/Terminal records. Why? Costumes!!! Keyboards!!! Man costumes are awesome. I wish Rubber-O-Cement had played, but shit, yeah anyway!!! Spider Compass Good Crime band opened and they were awesome. Two guys with really tall buzzard/chicken/bird mask things that touched the ceiling. Reall well done. Plus they played keyboards, samplers that pumped out rad carnival music/salsa/calypso grooves and overlayed with swirling oscillating noise. They were great. I sat crosslegged at the front and bobbed back and forth. Hans Grusel's Krenkan Kabinet was similar with awesome masks/costumes and demented Residents style sing-along cover of "Two for Tea." I bought the last copy of a ten-inch Lathe cut record by them, which is probably gonna be the last last because the lathe was Twig's and at his house when it burned down.

Alright Alright... this post has gotten huge and I don't think I can write any more. I'll come back later and write more about day three sometime, maybe. And talk more about the festival in general. Like the fact at the end of each night they gave out free coffee/snacks that they hadn't sold at the end of the day, which was amazingly cool.
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