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Snake Apartment from Providence, Rhode Island, were my guests on air last week, but because the archives and streams were down, you missed their live performance and interview. So this week, I've rebroadcasted most of their live set (excerpting only the first song which was wracked by some technical difficulties with our delay system anyway). Their crushing live set begins at about minute 39 or so of this program and includes six of their writhing scuzzpummellers.
Links to download or stream this program here...
(DL is archived for 10 weeks
Stream good 'til Aug. 2
All band/label info hotlinked there
for your recordgeeking convenience)
MUDHONEY // Twenty Four // v/a: Dope-Guns'N-Fucking in the Streets vol 1-3 // Amphetamine Reptile 1989
PUNISHMENT OF LUXURY // Brainbomb // Secrets 7" // United Artists 1979
ANAL BABES // Samīs Disciple (.44) // Cocaine Swastika 10" // Incognito 1998
TRACTOR SEX FATALITY // Braces // Braces 7" // Kill Sounds/Unscene Sounds *new
RANCID VAT // Destroy Nature // Justice: This Is What We Do to Traitors // Horton/Reflex 1989
BILLY BAO // Bilbo's Incinerator // Bilbo's Incinerator 7" // W.Mo 2005
BRAINBOMBS // Urge to Kill // Burning Hell // self-released 1992
LANDED // Tip of the Whip // split 7" w/ Snake Apartment // Corleone/Parts Unknown *new

SNAKE APARTMENT live in Studio A
EX OBLIVIONE // Squid // v/a: World War Zero 2xCDR // Deathbomb Arc *new
SEXY PRISON // Teen Wolfes Parte Like Whitney (Harg) // Italians Who Just Saw Rocky // NASCAR 2004
AGENT SIDE GRINDER // Ricochetting Memories // first 7" // Enfant Terrible *new
MATTRESS // In Your Pocket // In Your Pocket 7"+CDR // Malt Duck *new
MATTRESS // Mirror
CHURCH POLICE // Life Is Fun // Gilligan's Wings 7" // Skulltones *new
BLACK HUMOR // Burn the Welcome Mat // self-titled // Fowl 1982
BLACK HUMOR // Neo Hippies
FACTUMS // White Ghost // Alien Native // Siltbreeze *forthcoming

BLANK DOGS // The Doorbell Fire // The Doorbell Fire 7" // Sweet Rot
ARTIFICIAL LIMBS // Sadistic Eyes // self-titled // Eat *new
THE WRISTS // Lights Out/Blackout // split cassette w/ Leper Print // Eye Damage *new
CATHOLIC BOYS // Plaster // Fixed 7" // Sweet Rot *new
THE PIZZAS // Hideous Fashion // Pizza demos // no label *new
EAT SKULL // Dead Families // demo CDR // no label *new
xNOBBQx // title unknown // Sunshine of Your Love // Siltbreeze *forthcoming
NIGHT WOUNDS // Less Dead // Allergic to Heat // Corleone/Woodsist 2007
NO DOCTORS // Man's Eternal Quest for Salty Pleasures // Origin & Tectonics // self-released *new
BLUES CONTROL // Double Chin // self-titled // Holy Mountain *new

This playlist was also largely inspired by the first edition of the awesome Z Gun zine, published by Scott Soriano and Ryan Wells and distributed through Scott's trusty Ss recordS. I learned a lot about the Brainbombs (including where the name came from!) in this issue, and there's a huge section on them including an interview by Monty Buckles of the Lamps (with an awesome foreword), a complete discog breakdown by Ryan, and a treatise by Ben Wallers of the Country Teasers which suggests how the Brainbombs are like the Rolling Stones of today. Plus, tons of record reviews and an interview with long-lost SF weirdpunkers Black Humor by enthusiast Min Yee of the A Frames. This zine is an enthralling, educational, and fun read, so I highly recommend it!

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