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Originally Posted by Magic Wheel Memory
Yes, of course the coffee is horrible. That's why the place is so popular, despite their high prices. All their customers are just too stupid to know that other places sell cheaper, un-horrible coffee.

My family used to own a mom and pop store that was ruined by chain stores and shopping malls. But you know what? We didn't whine about it. The consumer has a right to choose.

Give Starbucks credit. They gave people something great, and they're successful because of it. What do people have against success, anyway?

Starbucks is to coffee what Kenny G is to jazz. The argument that popularity proves greatness just doesn't fly.
Then there is this :

As far as SY selling a CD exclusively at Starbucks, I'm not losing sleep over it. I am surprised and a little disappointed though. I own and operate a record shop. Exclusive releases suck for me, whether they are available at Best Buy or iTunes. Starbucks? They might as well have it in a counter display at McDonalds. This is a hits package with one new track. It really won't take any sales away from me. Still, the idea of it kind of sickens me.

BTW. I love McDonalds. They make a great burger. They must, just look at how popular they are.
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