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Originally Posted by sonikjuice
What I mean, old man, is that hearing a song over and over on TV ruins my listening experience when I listen to it on CD/record. I often picture the commerical when listening to the song, rather than the abstract stuff I used to envision prior to the song being in a commercial. It also makes a difference what type of product the song is being used for (car, fast food joint, cruise, etc...) Here are some examples of songs that have been forever ruined because of use in commercials: Lust for Life, Rock n' Roll, Blister in the Sun, every Who song. Some songs, such as Perfect Day (used in an NFL commercial), have not been ruined for me probably because they were used in good taste.

That's obviously because your imagination doesn't run wild to start with. If you can't judge a song for what it is, regardless of the context that you listen to it in, it's more your problem rather than the song in question's. And, anyway, the great majority of the songs used on commercials are rubbish anyway, plus you always have the option of switching the tv off whenever the commercial comes up. Nobody forces you to not preserve whatever imagery you associate with it. It's your own choice, you ginger minge.