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Originally Posted by sonikjuice
Who cares if their music is sold at Starbucks. If they sold their songs to TV commercials that would compromise the music (can anyone listen to Led Zepplin's "Rock n' Roll" without cringing now?); but allowing people to buy a CD when they walk into a coffee shop isn't a big deal. Sometimes I wonder whether people on this board actually like SY's music or just think that it's cool to say they like them.

And you, young man, explain to us what you mean by this. If you mean that there would be more chances of hearing the same song over and over again because it was on a tv commercial, that would be one thing. But the fact that it could be a 'good song' on a tv commercial wouldn't compromise anything. Music is as much commerce as it's fun, so no need to be all romantic about it, you're very likely to get let down many times over, if you do.