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Lou Reed & Nico: The Bedroom Tape

Lou Reed and Nico rehearsing in Nico's hotel room. Lots of false starts, very loose. Strictly for the following categories of persons:
(a) Velvet Underground hardcore fans.
(b) Rock Historians.
(c) Those of you whose fathers were very much and are still probably in love with Nico (hint: Christmas gift).
(d) Those of you who'll never bid for this.
(e) All those in (a) to (d) who own earphones other than ipod stock earbuds and equivalent.

All Tomorrow's Parties (various attempts)
These Days (various attempts)
I'll Keep It With Mine (various attempts)
Little Sister (various attempts)
All Tomorrow's Parties (one attempt)
I'll Be Your Mirror (one attempt)
Femme Fatale (one attempt)
I'll Keep It With Mine (various attempts)
Little Queenie (one attempt)
Little Sister 2 (various attempts)
All Tomorrow's Parties 2 (various attempts)
Somebody (one attempt)