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Velvet Underground - Squeeze


Though the Velvet Underground was pretty much done by the time Lou Reed left in 1970, there's an interesting postscript that few people know about. Until 1973, the band carried on, now led by Doug Yule. In '71, Sterling Morrison left, and the band was augmented by Yule's friends from his days in the Grass Menagerie.

The Velvets toured Europe to some level of cult success and eventually an album contract was secured with the Polydor label. Perhaps for reasons of control, manager Steve Sesnick sent the rest of the band, including Mo Tucker, home and Yule recorded everything except for drums himself. (Drums were provided by Ian Pace of Deep Purple.)

So, what of Squeeze? Well, it's hard to accept as a true Velvet Underground album, even if it does share a lot of spirit and sound with Loaded. As a Doug Yule solo album, it shows a lot of promise. As the Velvet's epitaph...well, I'll leave that to you to decide.

Anyway, here's a cool site someone had the good sense to archive: Due to it's rarity and obscurity this album always has a bit of mystery about it. Hope you enjoy.