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S: Did you ever consider pursuing a solo career?
SM: And what - be Jackson Browne? I can write about lost love and "desuetude". It's tedious. Who wants to listen to that stuff?
S: Why did you come to Texas? Why this hole?
SM: The perfect place! I didn't know a single person here, no rock 'n' roll person I ever knew, or was likely to know, ever came here. Nobody saw me for five years, no telephone for two and a half...
S: Why? Did you wanna get away from it all?
SM: Yeah. I was tired. I wanted to go back to school - to fuel my solipsism. I was tired of the lingerie salesmen, of sleazy club owners...
S: Did you ever make any money out of all this?
SM: Oh, yeah, but I spent it all. On loose living, as it's generally described.
S: Did you sell any records?
SM: We actually sold more records than people would lead you to believe. The first week we played with the band, we made like $18,000 - it was all in cash, and it was all in paper bags. So I went from $5 to $15 a day. I just didn't know what to do with all that money, but then we went out to California and spent it all. When we were there, we cut quite a figure. S: When did you first go out there?
SM: '66. People were afraid to visit us. We were living in this castle up by Mount Wilson Observatory. These weird stories kept drifting down...