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Some pre- Can stuff:

Rosy Rosy with Inner Space-Kamera Song mp3

Vogue Records 45, 1968
Every few years I make a concerted attempt to enlighten myself re: Can. Their appeal continues to elude me, and they remain one of those revered-by-hipsters acts that I can't quite get my head around, right up there with Townes Van Zandt, the Free Design, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Wesley Willis. This record by Inner Space, Can's immediate precursor...this I like very much. It appeared on Vol. 1 of Electric Loosers, a series of compilation CDs devoted to (mostly) German Beat and psych weirdness; it was based on the Prae Kraut Pandemonium series of vinyl LPs, which are easily the strangest of the Rubble/Pebbles/Diggin' For Gold-type comps I've run across. There is a very entertaining article about this record on Julian Cope's Krautrock site, as well as a scan of the rather stunning picture sleeve.