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Since some of you have emailed to complain that you can't find the comp (sorry, I shoulda explained better before); others say they wanna know more about who these bands are; here's the deal...

Say I care too much, but I really put a lot of ourselves into Freeform KDVS, the fulltime FM and online radio station that exists for and because of its listeners, who are very often the same-level priorities-backward music-freaks as you and you, and other people here at TB. Punk- and thug-run since 1963, we are probably the best terrestrial-based online listening destination for fans of the new music of extremely wide variety and deep obscurity. Not meaning to brag, but that's the way that it is.

As incentive for you to support us, we give you thank-you gifts or premiums that are worth the money you pledge. As extra incentive for fans of the "weirdpunk," I made this "Newbie Friendly" 78-minute, 24-track CDR compilation of mostly new and some old songs that are either exclusive or exceedingly rare, and that you might not otherwise hear any other way.

"Newbie Friendly" is free on top of any other premiums you select.


To view this gift, go to...
...then select "Freebies"...and you'll see it there.

To donate to KDVS online, and select "Newbie Friendly", go to...
...fill out form, pledge $25 or more, choose this freebie, and then choose any other valuable dollar-for-dollar premium you like otherwise.

You can also call the fundraiser line toll free: (877) 399-KDVS
or (530) 754-KDVS

THIS WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH SUNDAY NIGHT, April 22. (For $100, you can get 14 CDR comps handmade by DJs including many of our very best...It's worth it!)

Der Submarine Racers "Cheap Date": Here's a made-to-order blast of blown-out sleaze that's exclusive to this collection. With their prospective label vetoing my proposal to include the outrageous "Space Burrito," the MySpace budget-rock rager of the year, I asked the band to provide me with any music that's not already slated for release on upcoming 7" vinyl. There was no such material, so the band offered to write and record a wholly new song. With gratitude, I replied that my timeline didn't allow for that, so they went right to work and emailed me this .wav file a day later!

Wax Museums "Worm": These young and slovenly slobberers from Denton, Texas, play a preciously authentic brand of Angry Samoans and "Killed by Death" obsession as heard on their two 7-inchers so far. "Worm" is from the B-side of their 2006 debut EP, and this one will burrow its way into your brain like a devious little annelid.

Doppelganger Squid "At War": In 1994, this North Carolina band made one delightfully scuzzy 7" on the obscure Waggletone label. All three songs are clever and great as examples of ultra-budget lo-fi weirdpunk that is made to sound good. Are my ears bad, or does these drums sound like early Chrome? A $200 pawn shop special, played in a style that is skeletal, yet nervously shuffling. Guitars are positively Tapewormian at times! Perhaps these guys were like a more metaphysically minded Sockeye or slightly psych-inflected Kill the Hippies.

Toxic Attitude "War Crimes": I found this seven-song 7" record in a small quantity at Amoeba Records ten years ago, and I was immediately curious because of the campy hand-drawn cover of a mullet-dude guzzling a beer and the monkeylike print of the EP's title, "Stupid Teenage Music." The back cover had a xerox-degraded photo of the band with two of the members in their graduation dress, posing against the fence of the high school baseball field. The "fuck you" list included Violent Apathy and CH. 3. I just knew it had to be good, so I bought them all. What I found in the grooves was better than I last-brain-cell devastating puerile HC played at the edge of no control, but with a complete disregard for self-consciousness about zero musical talent and not-even-half-baked political rants. The best part is the ridiculous reverb drench effect that the singer uses to drive home certain choice lyrical passages. I'm guessing he controlled it with a foot-switch. When you hear this, you're gonna wonder why this hasn't already been made legendary on many mp3 blogs.

Red Asphalt "Red Asphalt": Here's some highly dynamic synthpunk from a 1979 7" from a mysterious Bay Area band who also appeared on the "Live at Le Disque" 2xLP compilation. I know little else about them, but this sure sounds like the kinda proto-art/tweener-garagepunk that inspires such bands as Functional Blackouts, certain Jay Reatard vehicles, and the A Frames family tree.

Talbot Tagora "Bent Boy Out": Here's the most promising sounds of young DIY Seattle featuring youngbloods who cut their teeth in bands like Mikaela's Fiend and Last Slice of Butter. The kinetic galloping pace and guitar angles of Abe Vigoda are evident here, but so are the raw mp3-maché and hooky melodics of the Intelligence, and while other songs from their self-produced "Volcano Girls" CDR album rock harder than this, "Bent Boy Out" sounds like it also delves into the best bands of the C-86 progeny.

Skarekrau Radio "Kitty Swap": With their cult religion and mythology, SKR are at once kinda offputting freakishness and enrapturing, and sometimes even a great party band, such as on this song from last year's split LP with Jerusalem & the Starbaskets on Apop Records. If you'll pardon more of my lazy this-band-meets-that-band comparos, lemme just say that the obvious equation I hear is Bunny Brains plus Smegma.

...Worms "Woodfire (Autobahn)": The ellipsis is indeed part of the name of this Portland-via-Pullman quartet of self-described "ADD-riddled grizzled old men" (they're about the same age as me, I'm pretty sure). This song is from their four-song 7" that came out on Marriage Records a couple years back. Crispy Ambulance had a lyric that went "Caught halfway between the unsightly and serene" which sounded like so much proto-goth bullshit, but maybe they were foresaging this oddly compelling band. This one writhes (bass), rants (vocals), pummels (drums), and serenades (guitar) all at the same time, but all so effectively.

Hiroshima Rocks Around "Closed Mouth": From Italy, HRA step on touchstones of AmRep-era pigfuck, hardcore, weirdpunk, and even skirt around jazz sometimes, and bring it all together in their own unique style. The flavor of AmRep is strongest on this particularly stout pounder which rides its insistent riff and deliberative rhythm like a tectonic plate into a subduction zone, and it creates just as much heat.

KK Rampage "The Devil Is Here": What started as a decade-late-for-"Now-Wave" Chicago antics-rock with 20 unfinished tracks qualifying as an official CDR album improved in 2006 to become the most-improved band of the year. Yet somehow I knew from that first CDR I heard that I needed to pay attention and compartmentalize--if not toally shut out--all the haters in message board flamewars accusing these guys of registering fake profile to pose as ultra-fans. I fully believe these complainers were just upset over the band soaking the audience and throwing flour on them at a show during their formative days of antics being way ahead of song ideas. I asked them for permission to cull my favorite from their first fully awesome CDR-EP, but they insisted on sending a brand-new exclusive. It's a good one with a plodding powerful yet sexy rhythm and guitars skronking sideways, and for antics' sake, schitzo vocals swing from helium-rich to histrionic cro-mag.

AIDS Wolf "Bethlehem Embargo Crystal": Montreal MySpace monsters turn out extreme-smack-talking haters and gushing lovers aplenty, and I'm totally on the posi side as this band and my radio show have a mutual love thang. I was hooked from the first listen because the music sounded like so much fun, and completely soaked in sweat. But just when the haters thought they had 'em pegged, the band added new dimensions, growing more psychedelic and rhythmically and stylistically adventurous...sometimes even settling the chaos to dwell in some lushness, as you can hear on this exclusive offering.

tracklist cont.
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