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Originally Posted by Florya
In November last year the 'Brainwashed' website/label had a 3 day event.
They also released a 3cd collection of artists connected with the label/site as part of that event.

  1. Jack Dangers - A Strange Case of Instrumentation
  2. Dragon or Emperor - Part of Me Says
  3. The One Ensemble - I Am the Brown
  4. Hox - I Am Here
  5. Aranos - Inner Thigh in Buttercup Yellow
  6. Z'EV - 3m 18s brainwashed mix
  7. Wagon Christ - i r pufnstuf
  8. Nadja - Trepidation
  9. Coil - Journey to Avebury
  10. Irr.App.(Ext.) - The Swinging Generation Consumed (theoretically) by Faulty Ecology - and not a moment too soon (with special guest narrator Anne Chambers)


  1. Throbbing Gristle - Convincing People (Turin 2005)
  2. Colin Potter - Knit Where
  3. Charles Atlas - Grumblebee
  4. Windy & Carl - Seiche
  5. V/Vm - Engulfer
  6. Little Annie - Baby I'll Make You a Man
  7. Sybarite - Walk Don't Run
  8. Amanda Palmer feat. Meredith Yayanos - The Lovers
  9. Thighpaulsandra - Am Smear Challenger
  10. Edward Ka-Spel - Sepia


1.Cock ESP - I Lied About Your Band So I Could Drink Beer for Free
2.Michael Wells - Spanish Lessons
3.Jessica Bailiff - Brother La (Twin Scorpio mix)
4.Keith Fullerton Whitman - 20041203.wfmu
5.Gaeoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen - One of These Creatures
6.Greg Davis - Hand-Held Tamarack
7.Jack Dangers - The Self Enjoy
8.Black Light District - Stoned Circular 3
9.Current 93 - Black Ships Ate the Sky (alternate mix)
10.Troum - Drüsian


Many thanks for this. I have a very similar brainwashed compilation with pretty much most of the artists on there, and that was put out a few years ago. Or it was free with The Wire, can't remember. Thanks again.