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Braen's Machine - Underground (liuto)

1971 Italy

Exploito psych monster rarity. Recorded by Piero Umiliani at the now legendary SOUND-WORK-SHOP studio in January 1971. Release in a very limited (less than 100) library only release on Umiliani's LIUTO label. The original vinyl is practicaly impossible to find, as far as i know there is no reissue. Acid Drenched Fuzz guitar with one funky rhythm section. The drum sound its pretty interesting.

The style is not far from other ghost-groups of the same period, instrumental music that could be used as a film soundtrack, with fuzz guitar and keyboards to the fore, and probably more psych-oriented than others. It's certain that behind the name Braen's Machine hid Umiliani himself and Alessandro Alessandroni, as they appeared with their nicknames Braen and Gisteri as the album tracks composers. The name Braen also appears as composer in the two Pawnshop singles.

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