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Doo Rag - Early Singles and Tour Cassette

"Sounds like howling wolf singing out of a cave on mars"

Pretty much sums up the bizarro Junk Yard blues rock sounds of Doo Rag. A Tuscon, Arizona based band that was formed in the early 90's by Bob Log and Thermos Malling. They toured quite extensivly in the early to mid 90's and I was lucky enough to catch them play a number of times. Always mind numbing. Bob with a crazy old resonator guitar with a few old contact mics being run through some archaic PA system...then singing into a funnel connected to a tube that goes through a vintage vacuum cleaner with I'm guessing a mic inside it going
into the PA. Thermos playing a total junk yard drum kit made up of upside down old tin wash bins with empty film reels being smashed on top. And for his kick drum which he would just hit with one arm he always seemed to use a budwiser 24 Bottle cardboard box,,, and it always was a bud case! For added visual effect (if there wasn't enough already) there was a old Oscilliscope with those sweet old tube wave formes boucing to their wild racket.

If you dig scratchy blues coming out of a old 78 player being covered by pussy galore and then stomped on by captain beefheart I seriously recommend these guys.

And I present to you their first 3 singles which really are their best material along side a super rare tour cassette that sounds fantastic. All digitized by me at one of Buenos Aires's finest sound houses. Their 2 full lengths are not too hard to find and a nice porch listen as well.

Download here,