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Nocturnal Emissions - Live At The ICA

Nigel Ayers : "This was recorded at an event hosted by TV star Max Headroom, where apparently the Pet Shop Boys made their first public performance. I didn't see it, I had enough trouble trying to get on stage to do my act. The security guards were so stupid. "This was Nocturnal Emissions performing as a "proper rock band" though we didn't use guitars at this stage. Caroline K was no longer around. Our Dannywas on theGreengate sampler, Steve Tanza (Bourbonese Qualk) played drums and Fiona Harrold and me did vocals. We also had two circus performers standing on the speakers blowing fire; and a video display. The video display upset a drug-addled NME reporter, apparently because it featured a colourised Desmond Tutu!"
Live At The ICA was released on tape by Sterile Records (SRC9) in 1985.

Tracks :

1. Introduction
2. Hit and Run
3. Street Sounds
4. Revolution Baby
5. Power of Love
6. Never Give Up
7. Dear Marge
8. Sugar Can't Satisfy
9. No Separation
10. Aborigine

(Note : Both sides are recorded identically for continued listening pleasure. Don't fear, I only recorded one side as one track.)

Live At The ICA