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bdh2 has a couple of kiss-ass net friends
Ciccone Youth-Burnin' Up-New Alliance
Sonic Youth-Death Valley '69-Iridescence
Sonic Youth-(Over)Kill Yr Idols-Forced Exposure
Sonic Youth/Mudhoney-Split-Sub Pop
Sonic Youth-Speak No Evol (Bootleg)
Sonic Youth-Come And Smash Me (Bootleg)
Sonic Youth-Personality Crisis-DGC/Sassy
Sonic Youth/Erase Errata-Split-Narnack
Sonic Youth-Helen Lundeberg/Eyeliner-SY
Various-Devil's Jukebox Box Set-Blast First

Ciccone Youth-The Whitey Album-Blast First
Ciccone Youth-The Whitey Album-Goofin
Sonic Youth-1st EP-SST
Sonic Youth-1st EP-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Confusion Is Sex-SST Reissue
Sonic Youth-Kill Yr Idols-Zensor
Sonic Youth-Bad Moon Rising-Homestead
Sonic Youth-Death Valley '69-Homestead
Sonic Youth-Flower/Halloween-Homestead
Sonic Youth-Master Dik-SST
Sonic Youth-Evol-SST
Sonic Youth-Starpower-SST
Sonic Youth-Sister-SST
Sonic Youth-4 Tunna Brix-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Hold That Tiger-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Goo-DGC
Sonic Youth-Goo (4xLP Box)-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Dirty Boots-DGC
Sonic Youth-Dirty-DGC
Sonic Youth-Dirty (4xLP Box)-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Whores Moaning-DGC
Sonic Youth-Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star-DGC
Sonic Youth-Made In USA-Rhino
Sonic Youth-Washing Machine-DGC
Sonic Youth-Slaapkamers Met Slagroom-SYR
Sonic Youth-Goodbye 20th Century-SYR
Sonic Youth-A Thousand Leaves-SYR
Sonic Youth-NYC Ghosts and Flowers-DGC
Sonic Youth-Murray Street-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Sonic Nurse-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Rather Ripped-Goofin
Sonic Youth-Melbourne Direct-Saucerlike
Sonic Youth + ICP + The Ex-In The Fishtank 9-Konkurrent

Still looking for more...
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