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One of the most frequent email, etc. requests I get is for the reactivation of the tracks associated with the Husker Du rarities post from July 2005. So, with nothing pressing at the moment and the stack of “to-be-blogged” material rapidly dwindling to nil I give you about an hour and 20 minutes of little heard Husker material. A couple of tracks (”Erase Today” and “It’s Not Fair”) were officially released on comps (Blasting Concept Volume 2 and Kitten), but most of the material here is from the Savage Young Du and Up in the Air boots and live tapes/CD-R’s. Best bet is the great sounding ‘80/’81 live material, but the Metal Circus and New Day Rising outtakes are pretty good as well. Broken down chronologically, with a huge debt of gratitude to Paul Hilcoff’s Husker Du discography (flyer courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society)
studio 1979 & 1980
Husker Du - Sore Eyes.mp3
Husker Du - All I’ve Got To Lose is You.mp3
Husker Du - Writer’s Cramp.mp3
live May 1980
Husker Du - Pictures of You.mp3
Husker Du - What Went Wrong.mp3
Husker Du - You’re Too Obtuse/Put Your Past Away.mp3
Husker Du - Sexual Economics.mp3
Husker Du - Industrial Grocery Store.mp3
Husker Du - Instrumental.mp3
Husker Du - Uncle Ron.mp3
live July 1981
Husker Du - Private Hell.mp3
Husker Du - Travel in the Opposite Car.mp3
Husker Du - Call on Me.mp3
Husker Du - Won’t Say a Word.mp3
Husker Du - Don’t Try It.mp3
Husker Du - Termination.mp3
studio 1982 (Metal Circus outtakes)
Husker Du - Today’s The Day.mp3
Husker Du - You Think I’m Scared.mp3
Husker Du - Won’t Change.mp3
live 1982 (included on Kitten compilation)
Husker Du - It’s Not Fair.mp3
studio 1983 (Zen Arcade outtakes)
Husker Du - Some Kind of Fun.mp3
Husker Du - Dozen Beats Eleven.mp3
live 1983
Husker Du - Drug Party.mp3
studio 1984 (New Day Rising outtakes)
Husker Du - Erase Today.mp3
Husker Du - Listen.mp3
studio 1986 (Candy Apple Grey outtakes, all instrumental)
Husker Du - All Work and No Play.mp3
Husker Du - Misty Modern Days.mp3
Husker Du - Just Be.mp3
live 1987
Husker Du - Never Talking To You Again.mp3
Husker Du - Get Along With Me.mp3