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Anti Social - Battle Scarred Skinheads!

March 15th, 2007

Blackpool four piece Anti Social formed in 1981 under the name Hate Of The City and first contained six members.A name change to Anti Social ( after the Skrewdriver song which was a fav of Daz) and the shedding of two members saw the band change and start writting more hardcore oi! music in the punk scene.lack of press and a decline in the Oi! scene forced the band to split in 1983. Daz went on to form Skin Up and the other members went on to join into other punk bands.

1. Too Many People
2. Let’s Have Some Fun
3. Backstreet Boys
4. Your Choice
5. New Punks
6. Screw U
7. Battle Scarred Skinheads
8. Official Hooligan
9. Sewer Rat
10. What Have We Got
11. Bollocks
12. Can’t Even Dream
13. Anti War
14. New Punks (Demo)
15. Union Jack
16. Live And Let Live
17. Brick Wall