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Originally Posted by jon boy
haha yes i think there were a few people on that train. iain was one of them too i think.

Yep...I sat to across the aisle and back one row from Thurston and Kim and across the aisle from Byron Coley and Lee. It was a bit odd and I didn't talk to them because I didn't really have anything to say. Thurston got in my way when I came back from the toilet and the other guy that was with them asked me to pass a coat from the rack above the seats which I think was Thurstons. Also Lee and Byron were talking trash about My Chemical Romance because they were reading an interview with them where they said that the soundtrack to Dune was the best piece of music ever or something. AMAZING GOSSIP HUH?

I saw loads of people from the bands walking around...probably pretty much all of them and also some people like Larkin Grimm who wasn't playing. She seemed to be at all the noise sets with her hands clamped over her ears.

Also, just got back from seeing Sunburned/Six Organs/Josephine Foster/Richard James which was really fantastic. It was great to be able to see Six Organs up close and I enjoyed it much more than the bit of their set I caught at ATP. Sunburned were also really fantastic again but really different from last night. There was only 5 on stage and they started with quite soothing/droney electronics and started up a beat and got into a groove, despite the absence of their bassist, and went into some almost thrashy/punky bits. Also had another chat to John Moloney and he was really nice and gave me a cdr and an ecstatic peace sticker and said that they were going to take a break from touring for 6 months, in Europe at least, because he played 150 shows this year and his hearing was fucked up.

And also I only got 3 hours sleep last night and was going to have a nap this afternoon but didn't and then had a cup of tea which sorted me out but maybe it was the fried breakfast which Naomi kindly bought me In a Taunton cafe which was entirely populated with ATP people. And then I was fine when I went out and felt really awake all night and it was really nice to go and see just 4 bands in one day with my friends who aren't really that into a lot of that kind of stuff but liked it anyway...and telling them about ATP and then all laughing a lot because they were pretty drunk and making wild plans for New Years Eve and then going to Adonis for a Falafel...and agreeing to buy a battered accordian from my housemates brother for cheap after christmas and then going home where I am now (although the accordian talk was earlier, I messed up the timeline a little). And now it's 3am and I'm pretty much awake but really looking forward to a good nights sleep in my own bed which is wider than a plank of wood.
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